Alyn Staff

Alyn Staff

ALYN Hospital staff are the finest in their fields. The staff is divided into professional sectors:

Medicine- House Physicians and Specialists in the Out Patient Clinics.

Nursing- The Nursing staff is busy around the clocak taking care of the children.

Physiotherapy- Senior Physiotherapist with years of expertise in the field of Pediatric Rehabilitation.

Occupational Therapy- Occupational therapists that specialize in pediatric rehabilitation, assistive technology and safe transportation.

Speech and language therapy- Speech therapists specialize in rehab treatment, feeding, eating and alternative communication

Psychology-  Psychologists work with child and family to enhance their self esteem and to develop social and emotional skills.

Social work- the social workers focus on the child and the environment and sees the child as part of a family and community unit. The social worker works with the child through out the rehabilitation process- prior to admittance, during rehabilitation , planning discharge and after discharge to the community.  

Education- Teachers and Teacher Aides.

Administration- accounting, human resources, maintenance, kitchen, information systems, purchasing, patient admittance, research and a medical library.

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