2023 Year Summary



ALYNnovation Yearly Summary – 2023

Dear supporters,
Faced with the unprecedented challenges of 2023, we were obliged to navigate an uncharted reality that demands ongoing resilience, resourcefulness, and compassion. In these heart-wrenching times, we wish to honor the bravery of the soldiers and civilians who played, and those who continue to play, a role of protecting our safety and well-being. We share our nation’s collective grief for the lives lost, and the families shattered, and extend our heartfelt sympathies to those harmed by the war.

Amidst the turmoil, rehabilitation opens a path for those affected by hostilities to rebuild their lives. Now, more than ever, the call for effective, affordable assistive technologies and rehabilitation solutions resonates strongly. Several of our portfolio companies are generously providing their products free-of-charge for use in Israel, to support children, families, and soldiers affected by the war. We remain committed to pioneering efforts in rehabilitation technology, as we strive to provide a pathway to the best possible future and quality of life for those on a pathway to recovery.

In 2023, we pursued that goal through various initiatives, such as welcoming three new portfolio companies, organizing numerous events related to rehabilitation and health care, hosting international delegations, and conducting clinical research.

These achievements were made possible thanks to our valued partners and supporters. We thank you and encourage you to stay connected, either by reaching out or by checking our newly launched website.

Wishing you the best and looking forward to keeping in touch,

Arie Melamed Yekel
General Manager, ALYNnovation
Phone: +972 (0)54 9266297 
Email: ariemy@alyn.org  


New Startup Partners

This year, ALYNnovation expanded its portfolio by welcoming three new startup partners:


Kemtai is a computer vision exercise and assessment platform that analyzes human motion and provides real-time feedback and corrective guidance. Using computer vision AI, Kemtai’s platform also provides detailed adherence and performance analytics to health care teams.

Traditionally, rehabilitation relies on therapist supervision to ensure correct performance and minimize risk of injury due to incorrect positioning or movement. Kemtai extends therapists' reach into both home and clinical settings, reducing the need for one-on-one sessions and allowing for higher scale and more accessibility. Compatible with any platform, Kemtai's software operates without additional hardware or wearables. It is an accessible and comprehensive tool for enhancing rehabilitation outcomes, and expanding the scope of physiotherapeutic care.

Despite only having joined ALYNnovation’s portfolio this year, Kemtai has already begun its clinical research in ALYN Hospital. Kemtai (as well as Cognishine, another ALYNnovation portfolio member), were selected out of 82 candidates for integration into the recently expanded rehabilitation ward at the Haim Sheba Medical Center.

Visit www.kemtai.com or contact info@kemtai.com for more information or to try a computer vision simulator.



RePlay (by Interact)

RePlay is a user-friendly fine motor skills platform that enhances hand and finger skills through gamified exercises. The platform facilitates gesture-based exercises without the need for special cameras or additional devices, making it suitable for both clinical and home use.

Replay addresses such challenges as patient adherence and monitoring between clinical visits, by offering customizable exercises and games for therapists to create personalized treatment programs. The system accommodates various occupational therapy accessories, enhancing treatment for neurological and orthopedic impairments. With a diverse selection of games, patients choose those aligning with their interests and needs, while therapists gain objective performance outcome measurements to support informed clinical decisions to enhance the rehabilitation experience.


VR Steps

VR STEPS is developing a remote gait and balance monitoring system, using smart technology insoles called Pedisteps. These insoles are equipped with sensors that track pressure distribution in real-time; coupled with a patient mobile app, it facilitates remote patient care. Therapists can access remote real-time data regarding how a child stands or walks, conduct remote gait tests, and provide guidance on strategies to improve gait.

Pedisteps and the accompanying system are designed to benefit children following lower limb surgery, since ensuring proper balance and avoiding an excess of weight-bearing on their feet is crucial during recovery. VR STEPS makes rehabilitation more accessible and remote.

For more information, please visit www.vrsteps.co or contact info@vrsteps.co.


Selected Startup Achievements

Wide Therapy

Wide Therapy is a digital platform that promotes behavioral change in children as young as two years old. Wide empowers children to independently learn and apply new behaviors in their daily lives via touch-screens.

  • In light of these challenging times, Wide Therapy has made a commitment to support parents and caregivers dealing with children navigating behavioral difficulties.

  • One of Wide's features, helping children through transitional situations (such as medical appointment or attending unfamiliar places) is currently free for use exclusively in Israel. To access this resource, please visit here.

  • Wide Therapy proudly launched Wide 2.0 several months ago, reflecting the company's dedication to continuous improvement. The platform has already helped hundreds of children, collaborating with numerous kindergartens, medical centers, and families throughout Israel. Currently, Wide is undergoing pilot testing at an educational center in New York and at the National Children's Hospital in Washington, DC.

  • Wide Therapy's impact has gained attention, resulting in various recognitions and awards throughout 2023. One such award is the prestigious EUTECH SDG Award, for the platform's contribution to promoting social equality. Furthermore, Wide secured a coveted spot in the top ten startups in Multiple's third accelerator program for autism innovators in NYC, surpassing over 100 global applicants.

To contribute to Wide's mission of supporting children in Israel through the free use of their platform, consider making a donation here.



Headovations Ltd specializes in developing innovative devices for people who lack head control or need an all-encompassing headrest solution.  

  • The company developed and introduced the HEADALOFT, an anterior-occipital head support add-on, fit for all existing headrests, in any seating device. HEADALOFT is CE(MDR)- and FDA-certified. During 2023, Headovations completed its development and began the introduction of HEADALOFT 360, an all-encompassing, multi-dimensional headrest.  It is a comprehensive and dynamic solution designed to tackle issues related to head control in individuals using wheelchairs or other seating and positioning devices.

  • This year, ALYN successfully completed another round of clinical research on the Headovations product line, comparing it to other leading international headrest brands, with encouraging results!

  • In addition, Headovations established collaborations with distributors in various countries, such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Scandinavia, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Singapore, Poland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia.

  • Following the company's success, CEO Ben Cohen-Gazit was interviewed by Globes, sharing insights into his achievements as a serial entrepreneur and the development of HEADALOFT.
    Read it in Hebrew here.



Cognishine is a multimedia platform for healthcare and education professionals providing creative, personalized, and prep-free tools for therapy and enrichment.

  • Speech, Language, and Occupational Therapists - Cognishine has recently launched a Speech and Language Studio BETA, click here to discover Cognishine Studio.

  • Cognishine, along with Kemtai, has been selected out of 82 candidates for integration into the recently expanded rehabilitation ward at Sheba Medical Center.

  • A clinical study is presently underway simultaneously at ALYN and a hospital in Liverpool.

  • In 2023, Cognishine has expanded its operations to Europe including countries such as Austria, Germany, the UK, and Ireland.


Tzora Active Systems

Tzora Active Systems has developed a multi-function, portable, easy to carry, active-passive trainer, for clinical and remote pediatric rehabilitation patients.

  • This year marks a significant milestone for the product, as Tzora has initiated commercial orders for it.

  • In the process of commercializing the product, Tzora has secured agreements with multiple international distributors in countries such as the USA, Ukraine, India, Poland, and France.

  • Tzora Active Systems currently has an ongoing clinical study at ALYN to further assess the product.

  • Additionally, the company presented its product line at the Duesseldorf 2023 Rehacare convention, the world's largest trade fair for rehabilitation and health care.



Playwork turns standard physiotherapy equipment into smart, gamified rehabilitation devices, with a series of physiotherapy balls as their flagship products.

  • Playwork has introduced two additional sizes of physical therapy balls with options for rolling and strength development. For instance, the largest ball of the three offers a broad range of motion exercises, making it ideal for advanced rehabilitation stages, balance exercises and seated workouts.

  • The company has added its application to the Google Play Store, enabling users who purchase the Smart physiotherapy balls to connect them seamlessly with an Android tablet at a clinic or at home.

  • This year, Playwork has become an official supplier of Clalit Health Services, the largest HMO in Israel, making all Playwork products accessible to all clinics and hospitals within the Clalit network.

  • Furthermore, last year the company established new distribution agreements with international distributors, including those from the USA, Europe and Oceania; Playwork is expecting to further expand its distribution channels in the upcoming months within the UK and additional countries in Asia, such as Korea and China.

Playwork is currently seeking donors to support the donation of "playball" systems for the rehabilitation of injured soldiers.

If you're interested in contributing, please contact +972-52-7482020 or email info@playwork.me


Gravity Rehabilitation

Gravity Rehabilitation, is a Canadian start-up developing a simulator with authoring and personalization tools. The simulator can be used to practice powered mobility in a safe environment, allowing the user to enhance proficiency in powered wheelchair use, and therefore independent mobility. 

  • ALYN partnered with Gravity Rehab to develop a powered wheelchair skills simulator. The collaboration was awarded grant funding from Sweden's Promobilia Foundation, known for supporting accessibility initiatives.

  • The company initiated the process of transitioning its platform to a web service. The launch of the web service is scheduled for mid-2024.

Gravity Rehabilitation acquired key funding for the project through a grant, received by ALYN Hospital from Promobilia: Modification of a Simulator for Powered Mobility - Developing and Evaluating Personalization, Authorizing, and Dashboard Tools.


Other Partnership Highlights

  • We are pleased to announce that the Jerusalem Development Authority has decided to continue and support us. We extend our gratitude to them for their ongoing collaboration and look forward to continuing our fruitful journey together.

  • We extend our sincere appreciation to Bank Hapoalim, for their steadfast and continued support of ALYNnovation, and look forward to continuing our strong relationship.

  • We are grateful to HealthIL, the leading Healthcare Innovation Ecosystem in Israel, for their support, and cherish the positive impact that our shared endeavors have had.

  • We are excited to announce our partnership with ORITEL, an organization representing over 60 member organizations from South America. ORITEL is dedicated to the well-being and inclusion of children and teenagers with special needs. Our collaboration focuses on strengthening the potential of our mutual startups. Additionally, we have established a formal agreement to facilitate the exchange and development of databases dedicated to research purposes.

  • We also look forward to furthering our collaborations with Clalit Health Services, the 8200 Impact Accelerator and the accessibility initiatives and accelerator at the 'Kaveret' Center for Social Innovation.


Event Highlights

Over the course of the year, we have both organized and participated in numerous events and conferences, all aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of innovation in the context of rehabilitation and accessibility. Some of these initiatives include:

  • A conference for entrepreneurs in rehabilitation technology, which focused on regulatory and financial challenges.

  • Visits by several delegations, including: a delegation of winning participants from an assistive technology innovation competition in Italy, sponsored by Sanofi and the Israeli Embassy in Italy; a delegation of Canadian organizations dedicated to the wellbeing for individuals with special needs; and a delegation from Cincinnati Children's Hospital, voted the best children's hospital in the USA in 2023.


  • Conferences. These include the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, HEALTHIL, MIXIII, and RSTU, the annual conference of the Israeli Association for Rehabilitation.

  • Workshops. ALYNnovation has conducted a workshop revolving around collaborations between health organizations and technology companies at the international MEDinISRAEL Health Technologies Conference, organized by the Export Institute.

  • Academic courses. ALYNnovation has provided guest lectures for courses such as: Clalit Health Service’s innovation course; course for outstanding international students, hosted by the Hebrew University’s School of Management; innovation course for NGOs dedicated to the well-being of individuals with special needs; and a course for the associates of the Association for High Technology in Medicine.


Supporting National Efforts During Wartime

The year 2023 was marked by numerous achievements. The final quarter, amidst the challenges posed by the Iron Swords Operation, presented both an extraordinary challenge and an opportunity to share knowledge in rehabilitation with various organizations across Israel. These activities included:

  • Partnering with HEALTHIL, we mapped rehabilitation technologies across Israel. The findings were presented at a national meeting dedicated to Israel's health care system .

  • Portfolio companies, such as Wide, Cognishine and Kemtai, have generously offered their products for free use in the Israeli health system. ALYNnovation has been facilitating connections with health organizations that would find their products useful.

  • We led the implementation of a rapid technical support system, enabling the hospital to conduct 140 remote rehabilitation treatments within the first 4 weeks of the war.

  • We guided healthcare organizations in using remote rehabilitation systems and methodologies, for patients unable to attend rehabilitation facilities to due distance or mobility limitations.

  • We formed partnerships with global trauma and resilience researchers to deploy proven digital platforms for children and adults affected by trauma.


Looking ahead, ALYNnovation remains committed to expanding its activities to support efforts in the field of rehabilitation, regardless of whether the national circumstances are characterized by stability or challenges.