Sport Rehabilitation Center

The Physiotherapy Center at ALYN is the first center in Israel completely dedicated to specializing in sports injuries in children and adolescents alone. We specialize in the orthopedic rehabilitation of the younger population (ages 5-21), which makes us unique professionally in the world of rehabilitation.
The center specializes in the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries and orthopedic problems in children and adolescents.

The center is open between Sunday and Thursdays in the late afternoon, offering a range of therapies to children and adolescents involved in sports and competitive sport.
The center’s team of physiotherapists is composed of a staff trained in working with children and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment at ALYN’s new Physio Center, enabling the patients an advanced rehabilitative experience, a young and dynamic environment with the most advanced equipment.

The Center’s Services:

  • Immediate treatment of acute sports injuries
  • Devising a rehabilitation program following injury or surgery
  • Multi-disciplinary treatment, including physiotherapists, medical professionals, nutritionists, occupational therapists and more.
  • Devising a program to reduce injuries
  • Hydrotherapy sessions
  • Training by sports coaches
  • Use of advanced equipment
  • Continual, on-going contact with orthopedic specialists
  • Devising a personalized program
  • hydrotherapy where required

If you are after an injury | If you have decided to start training and you need support | If you are a sports professional or amateur | If you are training and have decided not to suffer from pain | If you are training for a select team and want to maximize your potential - your place is with us.

Sport Rehabilitation Center