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Wide Therapy

Adopting new behaviors facilitate child development and independence. Children with disabilities often struggle to learn important new behaviors or to apply learned behaviors to a new context. Behaviors such as toilet training, transitioning between different settings, sharing, or using medical equipment are crucial for special needs children and can deeply affect their present and future quality of life.

Wide Therapy is a digital behavior-learning platform for young children with disabilities that helps them overcome their personal challenges in a playful, easy, and effective way. It targets child motivation and incorporates visual elements from the child and their surroundings to create a virtual environment for learning and practicing behaviors, based on evidence-based therapeutic techniques that accommodate how children think and adapt to their individual processing needs, such as video self-modeling and applied behavior analysis. Wide does not require reading or language comprehension so it can be personalized to suit children in any language. It’s intuitive and simple enough for children with cognitive disabilities to use from as young as 2 years old with minimal assistance, and does not require extensive training for clinicians and parents. Wide’s initial trials have shown success in 80% of cases, and they are currently working to expand their platform to include more behaviors.