Swallow Studies

The Pediatric Feeding Rehabilitation Multidisciplinary Clinic recently initiated a new service - evaluation of swallowing also known as video fluoroscopic swallow study.

Swallowing tests help us understand the causes of eating and swallowing difficulties in infants, toddlers and young children. It also allows us to identify ways that may make eating and swallowing more efficient and safer.

The video fluoroscopic swallowing study is performed by an imaging specialist, radiology technician and speech therapists who specialize in eating and swallowing rehabilitation. The test is performed in the presence of the child’s parent(s). During the session, the child sits in a comfortable chair adapted to their needs. A c-arm device is placed around the child. It is equipped with a camera that takes pictures of your child while swallowing and provides us with an x-ray video. The detailed information and report can be shared with other doctors, therapists or with the educational staff.

Day of session:

On the day of the session, we recommend planning your child's feeding time to make sure they will be hungry at the time of the test. If the child needs medications before or during the meal, remember to adjust the schedule for administering the medication. 

You are asked to arrive to the test about 15 minutes before it starts. The test takes about 45 minutes. Please bring a variety of foods with different textures, including those that your child has difficulty eating or drinking.

In addition, we ask that you bring with you the formulas, baby bottles, cups and utensils that your child is familiar with, in order to improve and encourage your child's cooperation.

You can bring a toy or a favorite item that will help the child relax and feel comfortable.

During the test

We will present a selection of foods and liquids in different textures to your child. If your child has allergies, please inform the staff before starting the test.

Foods and liquids we use during the test will be mixed with barium, a positive contrast agent that is safe to use and allows us to see the food in the live x-ray. If your child has a nasogastric feeding tube, it is advisable to remove it at the beginning of the test.

Swallow Studies

In the video fluoroscopic swallowing study, all foods and fluids will be consumed orally even if your child does not normally eat or drink fluids by mouth. If your child has a feeding tube, and he or she does not eat by mouth, we will instruct the treating physician or speech therapist to try food tastings with your child in the period before the test.

If your child has a tracheostomy, please bring your child's portable suction kit to the test. In addition, if your child has a speech valve, please remember to bring it to the test.

Since the test involves exposure to limited amounts of radiation, siblings and pregnant mothers are not allowed in the room.


You can make an appointment for the video fluoroscopic swallowing study with a referral from your physician or from our Feeding Clinic at: 02-649-4321.

If you need a clinical evaluation before the test, you can make an appointment for the Pediatric Feeding Rehabilitation Multidisciplinary Clinic at ALYN Hospital.

For further questions please contact us via email at: judy@alyn.org