Respiratory Rehabilitation

Dr. Eliezer Be'eri

Dr. Eliezer Be'eri

Deputy Director General and Director, Dept. of Respiratory Therapy and Rehabilitation

Rachelle Lavi

Rachelle Lavi

Deputy Head of Department

The Department of Respiratory Rehabilitation is the only one of its kind in Israel. It accepts patients from intensive care units across the country (and around the world), often after a prolonged period of hospitalization. In the vast majority of cases within a few weeks or months of treatment in ALYN, the children are successfully discharged home, integrated into their families and schools, either weaned from ventilation or using portable home ventilators, and safely cared for by their family members who receive appropriate training, all this after undergoing their individual tailored rehabilitation program at ALYN.

The Department of Respiratory Rehabilitation is headed by Dr. Eliezer Be'eri, a pediatrician who specialized in pediatrics at Hadassah hospital and at Boston Children's Hospital. Dr. Be'eri has 24 years of experience in the field of respiratory rehabilitation for children and adolescents.

Our vision

The vision of the Department of Respiratory Rehabilitation is to enable children with significant respiratory difficulties to participate in their home and school environments as soon and as fully as possible, because we believe that the best place for every child, whenever possible, is at home with their parents.

The unique specialization of the doctors and nurses in the Department of Respiratory Rehabilitation at ALYN focuses on using all opportunities to wean children from artificial ventilation. In tandem, the children receive a full program of general developmental and physical rehabilitation, each according to his or her needs, in order to catch up and close the developmental gap often created during the prior ICU hospitalization. As part of the rehabilitation process, the parents gradually assume full responsibility for providing all their child's medical and social needs.


This process is carried out under the guidance and training of the department’s multidisciplinary team, which includes pediatricians, neurologists, orthopedists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, communication clinicians, social workers, psychologists and rehabilitation nurses. Our goal is to ensure that parents do not feel alone as they and their children successfully navigate the complex challenges they often face on their way towards full participation in both their home lives and in broader society.

More information can be found on the Respiratory Therapy and Rehabilitation Wing page