ALYN Hospital Website Accessibility Statement

In recent years, websites have become a major and important platform aimed at publishing information, services and products offered by a company to the general public.

This website contains a lot of information about ALYN Hospital, which is a unique center for the rehabilitation of children and youth. Information about the hospital and its various treatments can be found on the website. This includes information about the treatment staff, the various departments and services offered in the hospital, details about the outpatient clinics, quick contact with the staff and more.

Due to the great importance of the information we publish within the framework of the website to the general population, we are committed to facilitating the best and easiest browsing experience, combining all the means at our disposal.

Website accessibility adjustments

This website has made accessibility adjustments in accordance with the Israeli Standard Recommendations (SI 5568) and the accessibility of content on the Internet at the AA level combined with the recommendations of the WCAG 2.0 document published through the International W3C Organization dealing with standards on the Internet.

The adaptations made on the site were tested using the most common browsers: Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. For a pleasant and optimal browsing experience with screen reading software, we recommend using the latest version of NVDA software.

In order to make the site accessible to people with disabilities, a large number of actions were carried out, including:

  • Labeling the titles on the page according to the structure of the page and the importance of the information that appears in each area of the site.
  • Creating proper logical focus order when navigating the site using the keyboard.
  • Creating a clear visual effect when navigating the site using the keyboard.
  • Creating a clear and conspicuous visual contrast when hovering over clickable elements such as buttons and links.
  • Using unique headings in appropriate hierarchical order according to the information provided on the page.
  • Adding a search engine for better orientation on all pages of the site.
  • Installing a dedicated component that allows changing the colors of the site to create a higher contrast ratio.

Adjustments made to the site for website surfers that are using screen reading software:

  • Use of a semantic and convenient site structure for screen reader users.
  • Adding of page titles that show the purpose of the page.
  • Use of detailed labels for the contact forms appearing on the site.
  • Use of the ARIA label command to adapt the information on the website to users aided by screen reading software.
  • Use of simple and clear language on all pages of the site.

Use of an element to change the color contrast on the site

As part of the process of making the site accessible, a dedicated component was implemented that enables changing the colors on the site in order to create a high contrast between the color of the content and that of the background. The aim of the component is to optimize the visibility and the information appearing on the site to suit to visually impaired individuals.

To activate the component, click on the "EYE" icon that appears at the top and left of the site. You can click it using the mouse, or navigate to it using the keyboard by pressing the TAB key; clicking on the element again will return the site to its original color.


The consultation and accompaniment regarding the accessibility of ALYN Hospital's website was carried out by the WEB-A team, providing accessibility to sites, applications and advanced systems.

Physical Accessibility Arrangements

Details of the accessibility arrangements for the hospital located at 84 Shmaryahu Levin Street, Jerusalem are as follows:

  1. There are 29 accessible parking spaces in the hospital parking lot.
  2. The three floors of the hospital building are accessible to people with disabilities.
  3. The road to the hospital is accessible to people with disabilities.
  4. The entrance door to the hospital is spacious and accessible to people with disabilities.
  5. There is an accessible elevator in the hospital.
  6. The hospital and its corridors are spacious and can be moved around in using wheelchairs.
  7. The hospital has an accessible service station.
  8. There are disabled toilets at the hospital.

The hospital staff gives the utmost importance to making the various information and services published on the website accessible.
This site has made special changes and adjustments using the latest technology and best suited to the needs of our customers and those surfing the site.

However, it is important to note that you may find certain elements that are not fully accessible or in that are in the process of being made accessible to people with disabilities.

Have you encountered a component that is not accessible on the site? Contact us and we promise to improve it as soon as possible, of course giving you the best service quickly, personally, and to your satisfaction.

Accessibility Coordinator’s details

The hospital staff has appointed Dr. Naomi Geffen as the company's accessibility coordinator.
If there are any inquiries, questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of the hospital and/or the website you can contact her by the following means:

Full Name: Dr. Naomi Gefen
Office Phone: 02-6494-280

Accessibility Statement updated on 21.03.2023