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How to work with us

20230308132321.951.jpg Application

Share your innovations with us by sending an e-mail to: To help us understand your solution and your vision, your inquiry should include:

  • a brief description of the need your product aims to solve
  • the unique value your innovation proposes over alternative current solutions targeting the same need
  • the current stage of your product’s development

ALYNnovation encourages you to include additional materials, such as a link to your website, details about previous milestones and successes, one-pagers, and pitch decks.

20230308132321.951.jpg Initial Screening

The ALYNnovation team will perform a preliminary internal qualification assessment to confirm that your goals align with the program, its relevance to ALYN Hospital activity, and current capacity to offer you the strongest network of expertise and amenities to achieve your objectives.

20230308132321.951.jpg 360° Evaluation

Following initial screening, you will be invited to meet with ALYN Hospital’s medical experts and professional staff to introduce them to your innovation for a comprehensive clinical assessment and partnership evaluation. This may include consultation with advisors and mentors as needed.


20230308132321.951.jpg Partnership Plan

Work with the ALYNnovation team to build the ideal structure for your personalized collaboration program, tailored to your entrepreneurial needs, focused on facilitating user-centric design, proper product development, and growth.