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Kemtai is a computer vision exercise and assessment platform that analyzes human motion and provides patients with real-time feedback and corrective guidance.

Rehabilitation interventions are usually provided in primary care settings, generally under the supervision of a therapist who can guide patients through the exercises. The physiotherapist’s presence is critical for ensuring the proper performance of activities, to achieve high effectiveness and reduce the risk of damage due to incorrect positioning or movement. Due to the increased cost of having a human therapist present, new technologies are under development to reduce the need of one-on-one treatments, as well as to enable practice in home-settings.

Kemtai extends the reach of therapists and clinicians into the patient's home and within their in-clinic treatments. Through automated computer vision AI guidance and tracking, it provides detailed adherence and performance analytics to care teams. Kemtai can also increase the actual exercise time for patients within the hospital wards.

Working with musculoskeletal health, rehabilitation and physiotherapy companies, Kemtai's software platform can run on any device – phone, tablet or laptop – and does not require any additional hardware, sensors or wearables.