Feeding Rehabilitation Clinic

Dr. Maurit Beeri

Dr. Maurit Beeri

Pediatrician, Director of Alyn Hospital

Judy Blinder Edelcopp

Judy Blinder Edelcopp

Director of Speech Therapist

Alyn Hospital leads the field in weaning children off of alternative nutritional supplementation. Babies and children are referred here from all over the country.

The Feeding Rehabilitation Multidisciplinary Clinic at Alyn Hospital supports families in coping with their babies and children who have feeding issues while improving quality of life.
There is a multidisciplinary team operating at the Feeding Clinic that diagnoses and treats children and the members of their family who suffer from feeding problems during early childhood.

Clinic Staff:

  • Senior Pediatrician
  • Speech Therapist
  • Developmental Psychologist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Dietitian
  • Physiotherapist

What feeding problems are treated at the clinic?

  • Feeding problems connected to medical disorders, such as: reflux, neurological illnesses, pre-term babies, syndromes, developmental delays, etc.
  • Difficulties in transitioning from a bottle or breastfeeding to solid foods.
  • Growth disorder or a poor nutritional state.
  • Refusal to eat.
  • Reduction in the range or quantity of food.
  • Weaning from alternate nutrition (gastrostomy, feeding tube etc).
  • Treatment of feeding difficulties caused by alternate nutrition.
  • Evaluation at the Alyn Feeding Rehabilitation Clinic includes a thorough medical examination and observation while eating/feeding babies and children by the clinic staff.
Feeding Rehabilitation Clinic

In order to be assessed by the clinic, contact your pediatrician/general practitioner to receive a referral. Thereafter, contact your HMO to obtain prior authorization/payment for the visit to the clinic.

To make an appointment or for general questions: 02-649-4321

Before visiting the clinic, complete the form Parent Questionnaire on the subject of Eating. It can be downloaded from this page.
For your information, we recently developed a new Eating Rehabilitation Center service, tests of Swallowing Transparency, also known as video-fluoroscopy tests.


For clinic appointment:

Referrals can be sent
Email: op@alyn.org
Fax: 02-6494-313
Or call 02-6494-222 and navigate the call to the desired clinic.