Is the Road group right for me?

Do you enjoy long, leisurely rides where scenery is maximized and tough climbs are minimized?

Do you like to ride at a conversational pace (about 12 mph) with frequent rest breaks? 

Do you want to be in the largest riding group in Wheels of Love?

if the answers are yes, then the ROAD group is for you.

You may always switch groups before each day if you let us know the night before.

Day One: 79 KM/49 miles     605 meters/1,984 feet climbing

Day Two: 75 KM/46 miles     459 meters/1,505 feet climbing

Day Three:81 KM/50 miles    579 meters/1,900 feet climbing

Day Four: 52 KM/32 miles     1,125 meters/3,690 feet climbing