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Physiotherapists have always incorporated balls and other traditional equipment into their clinical sessions and exercises. However, they don't provide the therapist with objective information that reflects patient's true compliance with the exercise protocol. Therapists are invested in maximizing patient engagement in order to maximize treatment efficiency, which translates into maximizing healthcare reimbursement for patients.

PLAYWORK is an innovative big data solution for medical physical therapists, occupational therapists, and medical insurance providers designed to improve rehabilitation patient engagement. By integrating sensors into equipment to measure details like motion and force, their proprietary IoT technology turns traditional therapy equipment into smart controllers for engaging video game-style therapeutic exercises on a tablet with visual feedback. PLAYWORK’s platform monitors measurements of patient performance used to inform clinical decisions, boost treatment efficiency, and maximize healthcare reimbursement. Their CE-certified flagship product, the PLAYBALL, is distributed by over a dozen distributors from different countries and is an official supplier of Israel healthcare services providers. It comes with a library of compatible full body exercise programs and allows the therapist to create their own. They are currently developing prototypes of another three common therapeutic implements that will use their technology to turn them into smart equipment.