Ortho - Onco Clinic

Dr. Sharon Eylon

Dr. Sharon Eylon

Director of Orthopedic Services

These are mainly children who have had limb tumors (sarcomas) with functional implications (mobility, use of the hand, limping, pain) as well as body image issues. These issues are not addressed in other settings.

There are also children with skeletal or muscular/neurological system damage caused by oncological treatment for different types of tumors - for example peripheral neuropathy (damage to the nerve function in the limbs) or avascular necrosis (AVN - death of bone tissue, mainly after treatment with steroids - a chronic disease with prolonged pain), GVHD (graft versus host disease).

Multi-disciplinary team

ALYN has an integrated multi-disciplinary team that provides extended multi-disciplinary follow-up for active disorders, with regards to the functional/walking aspect and the day to day functioning and emotional adjustment. The orthopedic examination at this clinic is conducted by Dr. Eylon, from ALYN’s orthopedic staff.

The orthopedic examination at the clinic will help conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the child’s condition and recommend therapeutic intervention according to his/her needs.

Some children only require orthopedic follow-up, which is conducted as part of the clinic visits.

What should you bring to the examination at the clinic?

  • An up-to-date letter from the team that regularly treats the child
  • All the braces and walking aids you have


  • CDs with X-ray images, if done during the last year in another medical framework.

You can schedule an appointment at +972-2-6494327 or Fax: +972-2-6494-800.

You are welcome to invite your regular therapists to join.


For clinic appointment:

Referrals can be sent
Email: op@alyn.org
Fax: 02-6494-313
Or call 02-6494-222 and navigate the call to the desired clinic.