Volunteering at ALYN

Volunteers at ALYN Hospital assist the various departments with and for the children at ALYN and the adults on ventilators in the Independent Living Neighborhood.

You can volunteer from the age of 15.

You can volunteer in the various departments in the following areas: social / educational / sports / administrative / creating and building solutions for children with disabilities

Volunteering is on a regular basis with a long-term commitment (at least 6 months).

Those who do not speak Hebrew can volunteer in the rehabilitative Preschool Daycare Center at ALYN Hospital.

Student Volunteers:  Student over the age of 15 can volunteer in the afternoon hours in the MASLUL Therapeutic Sports Center as part of their school's social engagement program.

To volunteer, contact us and we will coordinate volunteer opportunities in one of our departments.

Please note: in order to begin volunteering, you must participate in a volunteer orientation, which takes place once a month on Mondays from 12:30-14:30.

Contact Sharon Agour, Volunteer Coordinator: +972-2-6494340 | email: sagour@alyn.org


Working & Volunteering at ALYN