PARC aims to improve the quality of care for children and adolescents living with physical disabilities, by measuring the effectiveness of novel treatment approaches  and verifying the reliability and validity of newly-developed assessment tools. PARC’s principal investigators and their research teams conduct evidence-based evaluations of conventional therapies and develop new interventions to provide the best possible care. We can achieve this leveraging our on-premises access to:

  • Patient populations with a diverse range of congenital and acquired physical disabilities
  • Highly experienced, multidisciplinary clinical investigators
  • Extensive laboratory data, integrated with healthcare services

At PARC, our primary objective is to develop a deeper understanding of the mechanisms underlaying atypical motor and cognitive function, while inspiring real change in healthcare policy and knowledge translation to significantly improve quality of life

PARC Objectives

  • Provide the resources and infrastructure needed to conduct evidence-based research in pediatric rehabilitation, validating conventional therapies and developing novel interventions
  • Conduct clinically applicable studies through diverse, multi-disciplinary teams with extensive experience in clinical practice
  • Disseminate clinical knowledge and cutting-edge research findings via peer-reviewed publications, clinical scientific conferences, and focused scientific meetings on  relevant issues
  • Support national and global collaborations with equivalent pediatric research centers and individual researchers
  • Nurture the training of young researchers in a range of disciplines