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Increased patient motivation and satisfaction during rehabilitation is associated with improved engagement and treatment compliance in both children and adults, which have a strong positive effect on clinical outcomes. Tailoring exercises and activities to patients' areas of interest can facilitate patient motivation. While it demands additional hours of valuable therapist preparation time, the contribution to patient engagement is important to give treatment the greatest likelihood of reaching treatment goals. Having a platform for effectively managing and accommodating the different treatment goals, abilities, and interests of each patient can help therapists make the most of their time invested beyond the clinic.

Cognishine is an advanced intervention platform designed to improve therapy with ready-to-use clinical resources that incorporate real world images and videos that can easily be modified to reflect patients' areas of interest and clinical needs, for both teletherapy and in-clinic sessions. The platform comprises a collection of therapeutic modules developed together with clinicians and educators that target a variety of cognitive, communication, speech, and social-emotional skills. Their clean, intuitive interface empowers professionals to efficiently personalize exercises for each patient by modulating the type of exercise, level of difficulty, and media content from any device in just a few clicks. Weekly content release updates help keep activities engaging and relatable by encompassing real-life scenarios and current world events, including popular culture, media, holidays, hobbies, activities of daily living, and more.

Cognishine's initial user data shows a 60% increase in client motivation and a 40% reduction in therapist preparation time, making it possible for them to expand their client capacity while maintaining their commitment to high-quality treatment with a personal touch. Cognishine is also designed to support multiple languages and cultures so that it can improve therapy for anyone, anywhere.