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Tzora Active Systems

Tzora Active Systems has been a leading developer and supplier of high quality mobility scooters and exercise solutions for people with impaired mobility for over 25 years. Its advanced APT (active-passive trainer) is a certified medical device, complying with the highest ISO safety and quality standards, and is both CE- and FDA-cleared.

APTs are commonly used in rehabilitation clinics to exercise the upper or lower limbs in people with mobility impairments or recovering after injury. The trainer's motor is configured by a therapist to augment or boost the user's cycling to improve their range of motion and muscle conditioning, from fully independent active exercise to completely passive movement of the limbs. As it can be used in any position, the APT facilitates movement with adjustable degrees of physical effort, making it usable for people with severe neurological disorders or paralysis who are confined to a wheelchair.

Tzora’s APT is suitable for home use, given how easy it is to fold, lift, and store. To encourage patient adherence to their home exercise routines, Tzora is developing Tele-APT, a remote APT rehabilitation platform that provides a more immersive experience and reports objective measurements of user activity and compliance back to the therapist to inform their clinical decisions. Tzora Active Systems has partnered with ALYN clinicians to develop a pediatric version of its APT, incorporating remote rehabilitation capabilities, with the goal of fostering motivation in children and adolescent with mobility impairments.