AAC Lending Center

Maya Barghil

Maya Barghil

Head of Augmentative and alternative communication branch

The Center for Loaning Communication Devices at ALYN

Donation from the Marion G. Polak Foundation

We at ALYN believe that every child has the right to communication. The right to express emotions, to make requests, to choose and to influence his environment. To this end, we have established the Center for Loaning Communication Devices.

The center operates with the full cooperation of the Ministry of Health and serves families and children from all over the country.

To whom do we lend communication aids?

Toddlers, children and adolescents from birth to 21 years of age.


For how long can the equipment be borrowed?

3 months. An application can be submitted to extend the loan period.


How much does it cost?

Monthly insurance - its cost will be determined according to the type of equipment borrowed.
Deposit check - its amount will be determined according to the type of equipment borrowed.

What do we lend?

  • Audio output systems
  • Eye tracker focusing systems
  • Tablets and iPads
  • Accessibility aids (joystick, switches, special mice).
  • Communication software is installed on the computers and iPads:
  • Grid - the software is adapted for Windows computers and iOS systems.
  • TouchChat (the software is only adapted for iOS)


AAC Lending Center

How does one borrow?

Borrowing tablets and eye tracker focusing systems:
The child's speech therapist must submit Supplement A to the Ministry of Health.
At the address: shikum_natali@moh.gov.il
The Ministry of Health will contact us with your request, and we will contact you to set a date for lending the equipment.

Lending of iPads, sound outputs and other accessibility aids:
You can call this phone number:
8:00 to 15:00

The loan meeting is on the condition that commitment from the HMO has been received.

What to do in case of a technical fault with the borrowed equipment?

For faults in audio output systems, iPads and other accessories:

call 02-6494277 or email tatach@alyn.org.

At ALYN, it is possible to conduct meetings for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) evaluation and assistive technology - by a multi-disciplinary team, with financial commitment from the HMO and at no additional cost.

Telephone number for inquiries: 02-6494277