Director of Psychology: Ruth Palmor

Phone: 02-6494303


During a child’s initial intake, the psychologist focuses on evaluating factors and circumstances affecting the child’s emotional condition and responses.

During the rehabilitation process, the psychologist helps the children to express their concerns and identify their strengths. This in turn helps the children to cope with their new situation, and with the demands of the rehabilitation process.  A lot of emphasis is placed on helping the children to become more independent, and helping them to improve and develop their social skills and emotional development.

Prior to discharge from the hospital, the children undergo psychological evaluations. The evaluations are an important component in assisting the staff as they prepare their written recommendations for treatment therapies, as well as organizing a suitable rehabilitation program for the child within their community.

In cases where the child is suffering from a traumatic brain injury, the evaluation is carried out by a neuropsychologist who can locate and measure the extent of the brain injury, its implications, resulting behavioral problems and psychological difficulties.

The ALYN psychologists work with a number of treatment methods:

  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Behavioral  Intervention
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Short-term therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Relaxation and Guided Imagery
  • Storytelling

The ALYN psychologists work in conjunction with professionals who use non-verbal

therapies such as art, music, animals and humor, i.e. medical clowns.  These therapies are used in addition to regular psychological counseling sessions. 


Often, the focus in the psychological counseling session is systematic, and includes consultation and guidance to the parents, to the educational framework where the child studies and to ALYN's paramedical staff.

When necessary, children at ALYN may receive a psychiatric consultation to help them progress in the rehabilitation process. In coordination with ALYN’s physicians, the psychologists may consult with the psychiatrist as part of the child's individualized psychosocial counseling. This service is also available, in special cases, to children who are treated at ALYN's outpatient clinics.

Neuropsychological evaluations are available to all children through ALYN's outpatient clinics.

These evaluations are suitable for both children and adolescents, and provide an assessment of the child's cognitive profile, emotional condition and learning difficulties, and include recommendations for specific therapy treatments. The evaluations provide information about learning abilities, and they are accepted by the Ministry of Education when the Ministry requires a psycho-didactic evaluation. These evaluations may also be used as legal documents.

The staff includes six psychologists who specialize in developmental psychology, rehabilitation and neuropsychology.

Neuropsychological Testing Service

Neuropsychological testing provides a broad, in-depth picture of the child’s cognitive, emotional and educational profile, including treatment recommendations when necessary. The testing is designed to identify and diagnose learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders, and meets the Ministry of Education’s criteria for psycho-didactic testing. Tests for court presentations are also performed (examinations and professional opinions). All testing is done by psychologists specializing in neuropsychology.

Children between the ages of 6 – 18 years may be tested. The test is divided into two three-hour sessions. A short intake is included in the first session, with a summary provided after the final test. The parents and the child’s homeroom teacher are also asked to fill out a questionnaire regarding the child.

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