Department Director: Emanuelle Pikar-Levitan

Phone: 02-649-4385


Assistant Director: Dvora Ben Zvi, RN MS

Phone: 02-649-4387



The nursing staff provides support for every child and their family throughout the entire rehabilitation process.  The nurses assist, identify, treat and guide the children and their families with every request relating to their physical, medical and emotional needs.

In addition, the nursing staff work with the children on their rehabilitation goals throughout the day.


Nursing support in the various ALYN departments:


Rehabilitation Department:

Head Nurse: Tina Reponen - Ochana, RN BA

Phone: 02-6494254, 02-6494228


The skilled and experienced nursing staff in the Rehabilitation Department focuses on seeing the full picture of each child's needs – together with the needs of the children’s families.  The goal of the nursing staff is to assist the children and their families in reaching the child’s rehabilitation goals, and to help the children become as independent as possible, facilitating their successful reintegration back into their home communities.


Respiratory Rehabilitation Department:

Head Nurse: Inga Pachima, RN

Phone: 02-6494251 


The nursing staff in the Respiratory Rehabilitation Department possesses the specialized knowledge and necessary experience in treating children who are dependent on ventilators. This specialization enables the nursing staff to help bring the children, with the support of their families, to maximum respiratory function, enabling their return home while either still fully dependent on a ventilator, or having been partially weaned off the ventilator, to lead a full life within the community each according to their own potential.


Shachar – ALYN’s Educational and Medical Rehabilitation Day Care Facility

Head Nurse: Wendy Kafri, RN

Phone: 02-6494257


Shachar provides an educational framework which includes continuous, personalized medical and nursing supervision. The Shachar nursing staff develops a supportive relationship with each child, assisting the children and their families to help improve each child's medical condition while they are participating in the Shachar educational program.


Independent Living Neighborhood

Head Nurse and Director: Luda Barkan, RN MA

Phone: 02-6494252 


The residents of the Independent Living Neighborhood are young adults for whom the Neighborhood is their home. In addition to taking care of the residents' day to day needs, the nursing staff is dedicated to helping to improve their quality of life through meaningful activities and social interaction.


Continence Clinic:

Head Nurse: Levana Shoshan

Phone: 02-6494249


The goal of the nursing staff in the Continence Clinic is to enable each child to become socially integrated without experiencing embarrassing "accidents."  The nurses create an intervention program for each child, and provide personal guidance for the children and their families.  ALYN’s Continence Clinic is unique, and the knowledge and experience acquired over the years is shared with medical facilities and nursing staff around the country. Research projects, on the subject of continence, are carried out with the goal of improving the children’s quality of life. 



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