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REPLAY is dedicated to advancing the field of medical rehabilitation through cutting-edge technology, compassionate care, and a commitment to enhancing the well-being and independence of all patients.

REPLAY has developed an easy-to-use, cost-effective occupational therapy solution. Suitable for use in both clinical and home settings, it addresses a wide range of disabilities and patient populations. REPLAY encourages patient exercise and facilitates rehabilitation through use of advanced technology for gamification of treated gestures.

Occupational therapy rehabilitation requires repetitive exercise, which can be engaged through gaming. Many training sessions should be completed at home and so require patient adherence and persistence, which is especially challenging with children and the elderly. Moreover, patient monitoring is required in the intervals between visits to the clinic.

Gamification plays an important role in encouraging patients to adhere to what can otherwise be tedious rehabilitation exercise regimens. In many rehabilitation sessions, games are included as an integral part of the patient's efforts and have proven effective in providing motivation and achieving better outcomes. However, existing rehabilitation systems often require special cameras and/or wearable devices (gloves, head mounts, virtual reality headsets), making these solutions costly and complicated to use.

REPLAY rehabilitation system does not require special cameras or secondary devices. It incorporates a variety of highly customizable exercises for therapists to build personalized in-clinic and home-based programs. Patients can perform their exercises using common home-based computing, such as laptop or a PC, with an integrated camera or webcam. The solution can integrate a wide range of occupational therapy accessories, including rubber bands, clothespins, sponge balls, and springs. It is designed to improve the quality of treatment for patients with neurological and orthopedic disorders and to accelerate the rehabilitation process.

Patients can select from a wide range of available games those that are most conducive to their needs. Meanwhile, therapists can monitor objective measurements of patients’ performance for informed, data-driven decisions to calibrate exercises, maximize therapeutic gains, and accelerate the rehabilitation process.