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Looking into the Future

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the global demand for accessible, reliable remote healthcare treatments and patient monitoring from home, especially for underserved groups who have become even further isolated. Technology is making it possible, by using smartphones apps, video conferencing services, connected devices and remote sensors, and more. Developing new technologies takes a long time, as do regulatory approvals for digital health solutions, leaving the disadvantaged even further behind. One proposed solution encourages the quick adoption of mature, existing technologies and adapting them for social innovation. This is how one of our startups is answering the call.
"Dyada" is a partnered project between Israeli government, NGOs, and the Ted Arison Family Foundation to encourage and fund social innovation initiatives and development. They established a grant for research and development to facilitate collaboration between tech entrepreneurs and organizations that can accurately define the need, and promote the development of social products and services based on existing technologies. We are very proud of Libra@Home, whose collaboration proposal with ALYN was one of only eight applicants out of hundreds to receive funding. Libra@Home has developed a portable VR-based rehabilitation system for patients suffering from vestibular and oculomotor disorders that tracks their activity and progress both in and outside the clinic.  Using an off-the-shelf VR headset or smartphone, patients are immersed in virtual environments and interact with stimuli through a number of highly customizable gamified exercises that their therapist has adjusted based on their individual abilities and treatment goals. With the support of Dyada's grant, Libra@Home will be tailoring their product to pediatric and adolescent patients by working with ALYN's patients and physiotherapy team.
Libra@Home's in-clinic solution is CE-certified and is already used by therapists all over the world. Their at-home solution is ready to launch and will be enhanced by new developments that will include tracking and recording eye movements during exercises that will give therapists further detail to support clinical decisions. Dyada's grant will support Libra@Home's partnership with ALYN to adapt their product for children by adding virtual environments and tasks that are relevant to their lives, and to develop a child-sized smartphone VR helmet that includes eye tracking. Dyada's grant will also fund a clinical pilot with ALYN's children that will send them home with a smartphone and the Libra@Home system to collect clinical evidence of the treatment's effectiveness and impact on patient outcomes, as well as on patient experience.

Orit Bartov, head of ALYN's physiotherapy department, has known about Libra@Home’s solution for some time now and she is greatly looking forward to having it available and accessible to children. She has been working hard with her team and Libra@Home in preparation for running the highly-involved study, which will include guided home setup for each patient and tracking their performance multiple times a day. As not all children undergoing physiotherapy will be suitable participants, Orit is tackling the significant challenge of defining participation criteria for the study. From her vast experience and familiarity with the children, she raises considerations regarding the effects of other medical conditions, treatments, and abilities in our patients. The participating therapists are receiving 1-on-1 training with the Libra@Home team to familiarize themselves with the system and derive maximum benefits from its incorporation into treatment.

Two of the eight grant winners who successfully execute their project will be selected to receive a significant extended grant. With this additional funding, Libra@Home hopes to establish a cloud-based platform for remote treatments and monitoring, taking their product to the next level. We look forward to sharing updates moving forward!

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