April 2021


Dear Friends,

The last quarters in ALYNnovation, been devoted to support our startup partners in their R&D and go-to-market while we continue build our relations with the international community to promote the use of advance technology in pediatric rehabilitation. During this period, we have been able to expand our network's reach to health organizations around the world, helping us facilitate valuable partnerships for our startups. Unique funding opportunities have arisen in response to the pandemic, and we have been focused on developing relevant research and project proposals to support our startups and their work with ALYN.

With thanks to our partners and investors for their support, generosity, and collaboration, we're proud to share some highlights of our accomplishments from the past six months:

ALYNnovation has met with dozens of assistive technology and pediatric startups, integrating a wide spectrum of advanced hi-tech tools. Examples include:

  • Quick and effective sterilization for prosthetic linings
  • Gamified occupational therapy exercise platform with suitable content for children, teens, and adults to increase their engagement in treatment
  • Telemedicine solution that uses augmented reality-based exercises that provide pediatric physical rehabilitation and remote patient monitoring via automated data collection for therapists

ALYNnovation joined KidsX, an international consortium of pediatric hospitals focused on supporting the development of appropriate, high-quality digital health solutions for children. In January 2021, KidsX launched the inaugural cohort of their accelerator, which gave ALYN and the 50+ other member hospitals the chance to meet with 13 startups from outside of Israel developing pediatric solutions and to work together on implementing their solutions in the hospital.

Congratulations to Libra@Home, whose collaboration with ALYN to adapt their VR-based neuro-rehabilitation platform for children was selected as one of only eight recipients of grant funding from Dyada, a partnered project between Israeli government, NGOs, and the Ted Arison Family Foundation to encourage and fund social innovation initiatives and development. The funding will support the process of adapting Libra to children and expanding its at-home capabilities.

In July, NBEL and ALYNnovation were awarded a competitive grant from Intel and Accenture to co-develop an affordable wheelchair-mounted robotic arm, making this initiative one of only a few in the world with access to Intel’s neuromorphic chips. Our work on this project has received some attention from the press - read more about this amazing project in a recent interview with Arie Melamed-Yekel, General Manager of ALYNnovation, from the Wall Street Journal.

Below you will find a few updates with more detail on more exciting projects that are currently in the works. If you have any questions or would like to discuss our work, please feel free to get in touch via our contact details below.


Thank you once again for helping us empower children with disabilities!

Wishing you and your families a happy and healthy spring


Arie Melamed Yekel 

General Manager, ALYNnovation

Phone: +972 (0)54 9266297 

Email: ariemy@alyn.org 



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