Thank you!

Your investment and partnership with ALYNnovation offered Gharam the chance to learn to walk again after a horrific accident (see story below). Together with you and all our investors and partners, we are working to create assistive technology products which will benefit thousands of children with disabilities around the world.

2019 was a very productive year for ALYNnovation. We met with over 40 assistive technology entrepreneurs and startups to determine if the products and innovations they’re developing solve a need which will bring meaningful life changes to children with disabilities. After evaluating all 40 companies, we signed contracts and began working with additional 4 cutting edge startups, adding them to the list of our portfolio startups.

We are proud that some of the products of our portfolio startups are already in use by our therapists here at ALYN Hospital, as part of the regular therapy sessions.

Through sharing our expertise and knowledge, ALYNnovation now has a special role within the global assistive technology sector. We have hosted international groups and demonstrated our field leadership, while exposing business and health experts from around the world to our partners and their products.

This is the first quarterly newsletter of 2020. A chance for us to thank you and update you on ALYNnovation’s progress. If you have any questions or would like to discuss our work, please do not hesitate to contact me. My phone number and email are below.

Again, thank you for empowering children with disabilities!

Arie Melamed Yekel

General Manager, ALYNnovation

Phone: +972 (0)54 9266297
Email: ariemy@alyn.org



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Your continued partnership with ALYNnovation will change and impact the lives of thousands of children with disabilities throughout Israel and the world.

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