Respiratory Rehabilitation Department

Respiratory Rehabilitation Department

Director: Dr. Eliezer Be'eri

Administrative manager: Tal Cohen

Phone: 02-6494251


ALYN Hospital's Respiratory Rehabilitation Department is the only one of its kind in Israel and accepts patients from ICU departments around the country and from abroad. The aim of the treatment in the Respiratory Rehabilitation Department is to wean the patient off artificial ventilation, or  - if this is not possible -  the treatment focuses on stabilizing the ventilator-dependent youngsters so that they can return to their families and to the community as quickly as possible using a portable home ventilator machine. Each infant, child or adolescent, hospitalized in this Department works according to both a respiratory rehabilitation program and a general rehabilitation program which are both appropriate to each patient's needs and abilities. The staff of the Department focuses on instructing the family of each ventilator-dependent patient on how to look after them at home.

Patients who make progress at home but still require multidisciplinary therapy treatments may receive them either through ALYN's Day Rehabilitation Department for a short period of time with a defined goal or the patient can be accepted into Shachar ALYN's Rehabilitation Educational Medical Day Care Center which includes rehabilitation, educational and medical components.

Department Director: Dr. Eliezer Be'eri 02-6494382


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