"Wheels of Love" to "Meals of Love"

Dear Friends, 

This week the “Wheels of Love” Bike Ride, ALYN Hospital’s largest annual fundraiser, was meant to take place. Over 200 ALYN supporters from around the world were meant to ride from Kibbutz Be’eri, along breathtaking routes in the south of Israel, to the Dead Sea, finishing at ALYN Hospital. We are devastated that so much of these routes that we have gotten to know well from the planning of the “Wheels of Love” Ride have been decimated during the outbreak of this war. 

At ALYN Hospital, we have taken this devastation and transformed it into good through support and actions in solidarity with ALYN and with Israel!

With the cancellation of the Ride, we were left with perishable items that were purchased and/or donated for the Ride, such as dates, peanut butter and even beer. These items were donated to various IDF army bases and evacuation areas for families from the South.


Our dedicated riders, unable to ride together in Israel, have organized local bike rides in solidarity with ALYN Hospital and with Israel. We have had group and individual rides in Amsterdam, Boston, South Africa, Florida, New York, Maryland and more! We greatly appreciate our riders’ solidarity, advocacy and support during this time. 


On Thursday night – the night meant to be the “Wheels of Love” closing ceremony, “Wheels of Love” becomes “MEALS of Love.” Our local Israeli riders and “Wheels of Love” staff have decided to volunteer their time preparing and packing meals for IDF soldiers, ensuring that those defending our country will have food for Shabbat. 


Visit our Facebook page to see a photo album of all of the solidarity rides and good deeds done on behalf of ALYN Hospital’s “Wheels of Love” 

The cancellation of the Ride has also been devastating for the many patients and former patients of ALYN Hospital, who have been participating in “The Swift and The Bold” project. This unique project allows children with varying abilities on their journey to recovery to train, together with dedicated volunteers, riding hand bicycles, tandem bicycles, or even regular bicycles, each according to his/her ability. Each year, the training for “The Swift and The Bold” team culminates in joining the “Wheels of Love” Bike Ride and riding alongside ALYN Hospital supporters from around the world. 

Although the Ride was cancelled this year, our “Swift and Bold” Riders still deserve recognition for their great efforts in training and riding this year. To this end, a special ceremony at ALYN Hospital was arranged for Thursday evening, when they were meant to proudly ride into ALYN and cross the finish line. The children were able to meet up as a group and receive recognition for their incredible work, including a “Wheels of Love” medallion meant to be given out at the finish line this week. We are so proud of the progress that these “Swift and Bold” Riders have made!


In the current situation, ALYN Hospital is functioning under unprecedented circumstances by making every effort to provide our patients with the world-class care that only ALYN can provide, in the safest and securest way possible.
With the cancellation of our largest annual fundraiser, we need your help now more than ever!

Show your support. Stand with Israel.
Stand with ALYN Hospital!