Week 1 update: Israel is at War - ALYN's children need you

ALYN Hospital is facing difficult times as the ongoing war results in more casualties each day.

We are working closely with the Home Front Command and the Ministry of Health to be prepared to admit patients from other hospitals, including those injured in this war. Despite a reduced staff, the Hospital remains dedicated to caring for our critical patients, even amid sirens and the sounds of rocket booms.  
We hope for a swift end to the fighting, and extend our condolences to the victims' families. Our thoughts are with our staff and their loved ones involved in defense efforts. 
We recognize that we will be taking care of complex injuries of children and adolescents, including children who are injured in this war. We anticipate a challenging and lengthy journey towards recovery for both the children and their families.

With the support of our friends in Israel and around the world, ALYN Hospital pledges to continue fulfilling its mission of providing the best pediatric rehabilitation possible. Together, we will be able to help these young survivors regain their strength, independence, and hope for a better future.
We need you now! Stand with ALYN!
Stand with Israel!
Help us be there for the children who need us!

Dr. Maurit Beeri
Director General
ALYN Hospital