Dr. Neta Yitzhak

Position: Rehabilitation Psychologist, ALYN Hospital and Principal Investigator, ALYN PARC Helmsley Research Center

Dr. Yitzhak is a rehabilitation psychologist at ALYN Hospital and a principal investigator for ALYN PARC, working primarily with children and adolescents who have somatic symptom disorders, brain injuries, and orthopedic conditions. 

Having completed a BSc in Psychobiology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, she also completed a Master’s in Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Psychology in the applied track at the university’s Department of Psychology. Dr. Yitzhak received her PhD in Psychology from the Hebrew University’s Affective Neuropsychology Lab, under the supervision of Prof. Hillel Aviezer. She completed her post-doctoral training at the Hebrew University’s School of Occupational Therapy.