Bottles from Be'eri

Kibbutz Be'eri suffered incalculable losses in the October 7 attack. Over 100 residents were murdered or kidnapped. Much of the town was destroyed.

The Be'eri print shop is trying to get back on its feet. The shop is selling (in bulk) high-quality, reusable aluminum water bottles (750 ml/25 oz).

These bottles would be great to take on the hike, to give to sponsors – or to give as a gift. By purchasing a couple of bottles, you would be helping Be'eri AND reducing our need to buy hundreds of plastic disposable bottles on the hike. The bottle will have the Heels of Love logo.

Our price is just 35 NIS ($10)/bottle. I have bought a few of them already. 

Use the link below and we will bring the bottles to the start. Every bottle you buy will help the residents of Kibbutz Be'eri.

Thank you.

Order Bottles

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