Arie Melamed-Yekel

Position: Deputy Director General, Strategic Planning and General Manager, ALYN PARC Helmsley Research Center & ALYNnovation

Arie Joined ALYN Hospital in 2019 and since then, manages ALYNnovation, an innovation hub for the research, development and commercialization of pediatric rehabilitation and assistive technologies; there are currently 12 companies in the ALYNnovation portfolio. In 2021, Arie was appointed to establish and manage ALYN PARC, the Helmsley Pediatric Rehabilitation Research Center. Before joining ALYN, Arie was the GM of the security and access control business unit of FST Biometrics, a cutting-edge biometrics identification company. Prior to that, Arie was Head of Global Marketing and Channel Sales at ECI Telecom, a global network infrastructure solutions provider. Arie also managed multiple sales units in the hi-tech industry, including Enavis Networks, Tadiran Telecom and others. Arie holds a BSc in Applied Physics and Electro Optics from the Jerusalem College of Technology and an MBA (cum laude) from Ben Gurion University. Arie is a member and education chair of his municipal government committee.