ALYN's PELE Provides Wartime Aid

In this time of war that has left no one untouched, ALYN Hospital is reaching out to provide immediate, critical aid through our PELE project to create and adapt solutions for the challenges faced by children and young people with disabilities:

Young soldiers injured in battle

The PELE team visited hospitals caring for soldiers wounded in war and young people maimed in the horrendous terrorist attack of October 7th. A soldier who lost parts of his hand needs an adaptation to be able use his cell phone to call his mother. A young man severely injured in the attack on the party at Reim needs specially adapted accessories to increase his independence. Another soldier asked for a special glove to hold his wrist, which he has lost control of, in place.

Outreach to citizens of the north and south

The staff of PELE have been reaching out to families of former ALYN Hospital patients in the north and south of the country in order to keep in touch as well as to identify special needs that their children with physical challenges may have in light of this crisis.

Families of children with disabilities who have been evacuated from their homes in the south and north of Israel

PELE is creating and adapting solutions for children who have found themselves without the equipment they left behind when they were forced to flee their homes and those who are lacking accessible accommodations while staying in various hotels and temporary housing throughout the country. These solutions aim to increase their independence and ensure that they can continue to grow and develop even in these chaotic times.
One such child is Eitan, pictured here. Eitan is nearly 3 years old, but has a syndrome that has resulted in him growing only to half his size. In the hotel room where his family is living, he cannot reach the bed, a chair, the sink, or the table. PELE is adapting an off-the-shelf solution so that he will be able to regain his independence and explore the world like any other toddler.

Each soldier, each family, and each child has their own moving story. It's hard to hold back tears when hearing these stories and the horror. But, it's comforting to know that – with your help – we are able to continue helping them.

This is what we do at PELE. Period.

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