Respiratory Rehabilitation Clinic

Respiratory Rehabilitation Clinic

Clinic Director: Dr. Eliezer Be'eri

For an appointment: 02-6494321


This is Israel's leading clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory difficulties resulting from Duchene's disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, spinal cord injuries etc.  In addition, babies suffering from respiratory problems, such as premature infants, are referred for monitoring.

The clinic deals with issues such as :

  • the influence of muscle-nerve diseases on respiratory functioning
  •  respiratory exercises for improving respiratory functioning
  • non-invasive respiration
  • advice on how a ventilator-dependent child can live at home
  • weaning from artificial respiration and a tracheostomy

 The evaluations are carried by the Clinic Director Dr. Eliezer Be'eri who is a pediatric cardiologist specializing in respiratory rehabilitation. Dr. Be'eri has vast experience in treating infants, children and adolescents who require artificial respiration.    


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