Computer Accessibility Center for Children with Special Needs

Computer Accessibility Center for Children with Special Needs

Director: Osnat Arbel, Director Occupational Therapy Department

Phone:  02-6494277


ALYN's Computer Accessibility Center provides suitable computer hardware and software for special needs children and adolescents. The occupational therapists who work at the Center are experienced in the use of the wide range of computer technologies available – equipment and accessories -- for use by physically-challenged children. They test and apply the type of software, hardware and communication techniques needed by any child with a motor or cognitive disorder, or learning disability. Computers are used in the children’s rehabilitation process to improve writing and reading skills, communication skills and for educational and leisure purposes. 

The Center's staff evaluates each patient's capabilities and then recommends the most suitable hardware and software. These evaluations are carried out together with an educational team, speech and language therapists and a technician from the Hospital's biomechanical laboratory. In accordance with ALYN's multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation, there is full cooperation between the Center and the other departments at ALYN. 

The Staff at the Center:

  • Evaluate children who come to ALYN's outpatient clinics
  • Evaluate children and adolescents who are hospitalized in ALYN's Rehabilitation Department
  • Provide consultations and guidance to the children’s families

Organize workshops and seminars for professionals who work with special-needs children 


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