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News & Events

Jerusalem's Light Festival Features ALYN Hospital Patients' Paintings

31 July, 2017
Children in ALYN Hospital's Inpatient Rehabilitation Department created colorful artwork for the annual cultural festival.

The Trailblazer

11 February, 2015
For hundreds of Jerusalem kids, it's a good thing Uri Lahav went to sign up on the wrong day for an after-school basketball club several decades ago

Volunteer's day

30 December, 2014
One must do for others and not turn a blind eye; if you see a fire, you must try to put it out; if you do not possess a bucket for the water, you can use a glass; if you do not have a glass, you can use a tablespoon, if you do not have a tablespoon then you can use a teaspoon. "- Amos Oz

Meet a Volunteer - Ilana Ella

28 December, 2014
On the occasion of the annual International Volunteer day, we bring you Ilana Ella's story who has been volunteering 5 years in the Alyn's Bio Mechanical laboratory. Ilana is one of 80 volunteers who donate their time and energy for the children at Alyn hospital.

Zvi Ginosar has been appointed Chairman of ALYN Hospital's Board of Directors

10 December, 2014
Zvi Ginosar has been appointed Chairman of ALYN Hospital's Board of Directors.

Zvi Ginosar, Economist and Strategic Advisor, has many years of organizational and business management experience. Zvi has held senior management positions in the Israeli Government (Finance Ministry) and private companies (Intel, Numonyx and Micron Technology) and three years ago joined ALYN Hospital's Board of Directors.

Hospital is a model of creativity and love

15 July, 2014
Read Gil Troy's comment in The Canadian Jewish News describing his family's recent visit to ALYN

An ICU with a playground in the middle

6 February, 2014
Recent article sheds light on the many undertakings of ALYN's Respiratory Department

ALYN helped develop a plastic wheelchair

6 January, 2014
Pablo Kaplan & Chava Rothstein came up with the idea of a children's wheelchair that would cost less than $100.

How do you say ALYN in Chinese?

11 November, 2013
During his latest visit to China Dr. Eliezer Be'eri, presented a lecture at Peking University First Hospital in China

Ex-Alyn patients ride Wheels of Love

1 November, 2013
This past Ride was especially meaningful for a group of children who have been rehabilitated here.

Le Chaim!

22 October, 2013
Glasses of grape juice were raised at the Opening Ceremony of the renovated ALYN Hospital Kiosk

The Play Hive

11 September, 2013
Dr. Eliezer Be'eri joined the play area to get first-hand experience and shares with us his impressions

Going to War

9 September, 2013
We will all practice excellent hand hygiene and thus fight infections together

Finally, a real meal

3 September, 2013
After 3 years of alternative feeding

ALYN in NY Daily News

8 August, 2013
The NY Daily News covered the rehabilitation of Maria Amman, a charming Palestinian girl, implanted with a phrenic nerve pacemaker

A Volunteering Vacation

28 July, 2013
Dr. Steven Bachrach, a Pediatric Neurodevelopment Disabilities specialist from Philadelphia, on vacation in Israel, chose to spend his time volunteering at ALYN Hospital

All the kids jump and dance

15 July, 2013
Yes, like all kids, our kids at ALYN also love to jump, dance and be playful.

MAYO CLINIC TEAM VISITS ALYN Hospital to discuss Spiritual Care

30 May, 2013
"We are learning to incorporate paying attention to spiritual care, which includes attending to the life a patients leads outside the hospital bed or clinic."

Let's go to the playground

30 May, 2013
We are pleased to tell you about an amazing project: A playground specifically designed for children on wheel chairs

Second Annual Hillard Fahn Concert t

10 May, 2013
The rhythm, positive atmosphereand the band letting children on-stage, brought a tremendous amount of joy and pleasure to the children

The children of ALYN visit the zoo

9 May, 2013
Do you remember how excited you were the first time you went to the zoo?

Rakefet Kindergarten Children from Modiin-Helping ALYN

30 April, 2013
This week we had a special visitor- Ayelet Shloser- a kindergarten teacher from Modiin. She came bearing developmental toys for ALYN's children

Excellence in Pediatric Rehabilitation

18 March, 2013
We are proud to inform you that ALYN has been granted the "Non-profit Organization Award of Excellence" from the Midot organization

The Children of ALYN Paint the Future

26 February, 2013
The children painted a mural with artist Max Levi Frieder

ALYN at the 49th National Speech Therapists Conference

13 February, 2013
Two representatives from ALYN presented case studies at the conference

Guest Lecturer at ALYN

3 February, 2013
The Psychology of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy / Jos Hendriksen

Elections at Shahar: A home for the family

27 January, 2013
The senior class at Shahar took part in a unique elections project. The winning party suggested one home for all family members

Planted with love

24 January, 2013
The children of ALYN sold flower pots made especially for Tu Bishvat

Dallas delegation visits ALYN

23 January, 2013
Dallas delegation visits ALYN to learn about the work of Care Clowns, as part of the Rofei Halom organization

Ministry of Health CEO visits ALYN: Prioritize Rehabilitation

14 January, 2013
Prof. Roni Gamzo and his team, visited ALYN today to learn more about children’s rehabilitation
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