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Zvi Ginosar has been appointed Chairman of ALYN Hospital's Board of Directors

10 December, 2014

Zvi Ginosar has been appointed Chairman of ALYN Hospital's Board of Directors.

Zvi Ginosar, Economist and Strategic Advisor, has many years of organizational and business management experience.  Zvi has held senior management positions in the Israeli Government (Finance Ministry) and private companies (Intel, Numonyx and Micron Technology) and three years ago joined ALYN Hospital's Board of Directors.

As a board member Zvi has been exposed to the medical, financial, strategic planning and auditing aspects of the hospital. When Mr. Meir Tchorz, who successfully filled this position for many years, asked Zvi to replace him as Chairman, he agreed.

"ALYN Hospital is an amazing combination of compassion, medicine and technology. The enormous impact this has on patients and their families is apparent every time I visit ALYN. When parents praise ALYN I understand the enormity and importance of our mission along with the satisfaction it gives us" says Ginosar.

About the challenge in the position Ginosar states "after many years of organizational and business management experience in government and Israeli and global High-tech, I feel that together with ALYN's Director General Dr. Maurit Beeri that together, I have the abilities to continue the growth and development of the hospital in order to reach even higher levels of performance and support.

"A significant part of my responsibilities will include developing new horizons while obtaining strategic resources and connections in Israel and around the world. One exciting project that fits ALYN's vision statement is the establishment of an Innovation Center to develop technologies supporting the rehabilitation processes of children based on the vast knowledge and experience gathered in ALYN over the years. This center will be a collaborative effort with technological entrepreneurs. I believe this center will improve the hospital's abilities to provide support in and out of the hospital setting".  

When asked to tell us about the special connection he has to ALYN, Ginosar surprised us with the story of how as a youngster in Jerusalem he remembers the (only) ALYN ambulance driving patients around town. "Recently I was very excited when the first purchase order for the hospital I was asked to sign was a new ambulance paid for by a donation from England…!"

Dr Maurit Beeri, Director General of ALYN: "I am positive that the cooperation between us together  with the support of all of the board members, will lead the organization forward and allow it to continue to be in the forefront of Pediatric Rehabilitation while maintaining a strong economic and administrative base. "