WOTA - Water Orientation Test ALYN

WOTA - Water Orientation Test ALYN

Project Manager: Ruth Tirosh

Tel.: 972-2-6494245

Email: rtirosh@alyn.org

The WOTA is a tool used in hydrotherapy to evaluate a child's mental adjustment and function in water. It includes two evaluation forms: WOTA 1 and WOTA 2. The uniqueness of the WOTA is that it is based on the principles of the Halliwick Concept which is internationally accepted for hydrotherapy treatment. The forms can be used for setting therapeutic goals directed at functioning in water, and the treatment program may be planned accordingly. The forms allow for an objective follow-up of a child's progress. This progress was found to be sensitive to change over time. Several evaluations may be conducted throughout the course of treatment, with new goals set according to their results.

The WOTA may be purchased as a kit that includes: two laminated evaluation forms and an instruction manual that explains how each test is administered and scored.

The WOTA was developed at the ALYN Hospital, Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Center in Jerusalem Israel by Ruth Tirosh, Director of Hydrotherapy. Ruth is a senior hydrotherapist, with a B.Ed in physical education (Wingate Institute) and an M.Sc. in exercise physiology (Tel Aviv University). Ruth has been involved in swimming instruction and hydrotherapy for more than twenty five years. She has participated in numerous hydrotherapy courses and is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Israeli Hydrotherapy Organization.

The WOTA evaluation has been presented at many conferences and has been recognized worldwide. It has been translated into eight languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German, Korean and Chinese. The WOTA is being used in different research projects which study the effect of treating patients with different diagnoses in the water.

An article was published in 2008 describing the reliability and validity of WOTA: 

Tirosh, R., Katz-Leurer, M., & Getz, M. (2008). Halliwick-Based Aquatic Assessments: Reliability and Validity. International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education, 2, 224-236.

It was republished in 2011:

Tirosh, R., Katz-Leurer, M., & Getz, M. (2011). Halliwick-Based Aquatic Assessments: Reliability and Validity. The Journal of Aquatic Physical Therapy, 19, 11-18.

For further information and questions, please contact Ruth Tirosh at: rtirosh@alyn.org

If you are interested in an electronic version of the WOTA in English, please go to the following link and fill out the short form: http://alyn.activetrail.biz/wota 

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