Why Alyn is Unique

Why Alyn is Unique

  • ALYN Hospital is Israel’s only Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Center. Only at ALYN Hospital can you find all of the services (i.e. medical, para-medical and educational) necessary for the overall rehabilitation of our patient population under the one roof.
  • ALYN introduced the multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation medicine decades ago and was a forerunner in this methodology even by international standards.
  • ALYN’s expertise in the treatment and management of rare diseases also provides a unique opportunity for research, the publication of the results of which, in turn, benefit children world-wide.
  • ALYN has years of experience in the care and treatment of rare orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions – arthrogryposis, brittle bone disease, spina bifida, to name a few. Other medical institutions may see one or two of these cases each year, whereas ALYN receives the majority of these patient referrals thereby gaining extensive experience for each rare entity.  We have been able to develop unique protocols for the management of each and every condition on its own merits.


ALYN is constantly looking to expand its services to include hitherto unavailable ones. Examples include:

ALYN's Pediatric Respiratory Rehabilitation Department

is the only one of its kind in Israel.  We offer an unrivaled rehabilitation program for children either permanently or temporarily dependent on respirators.   No other Rehabilitation Center in Israel accepts ventilated children for rehabilitation services. Ventilated patients in other medical institutions receive care in intensive care units without the opportunity to achieve any degree of rehabilitation and independence. Dr. Eliezer Be'eri, Director of ALYN's Pediatric Respiratory Rehabilitation Department has recently re-organized his Department in order to take the World Health Organization's Criteria of Rehabilitation Goals to a whole new level. Dr. Be'eri explains, "At ALYN we aim to address ALL the patient's rehabilitation needs. A baby in an ICU generally has little exposure to the everyday social interactions which are essential for their social development. To correct this deficit, renovations were recently carried out, in order to create a space – within the Department – where play groups and group therapy sessions can provide a social context for each child to experience. Our new "intensive care playground" for the rehabilitation of ventilated children is an innovative concept in pediatric rehabilitation which has been developed by ALYN's multidisciplinary rehabilitation team, in response to the needs of our patients."


ALYN Hospital was the first medical facility in Israel to formally launch a program which promotes "Cultural Competency"

and is the first hospital in Jerusalem (and the second only in Israel) to open a Moslem prayer room in addition to the already existing synagogue. The Cultural Competency Program includes the education of the Hospital's staff through seminars, lectures, discussions and role playing sessions to help them understand and work with patients who speak different languages, have different beliefs and are from different ethnic groups and different cultures. A number of the ALYN staff members have been sent to professional medical translators courses in Arabic, Russian and Amharit.  Throughout the Hospital signs are written in Hebrew, English and Arabic and the Hospital's website is currently available in Hebrew, English and Russian. The Hospital website in Arabic will be up soon.


Car Safety Seat Program

By offering professional evaluation of safety equipment prior to purchase, ALYN’s Child Enabling Center helps parents to procure equipment exactly suitable to their child’s requirements while obviating unnecessary confusion and expense.  Parents and professionals can avail themselves of training sessions in the correct installation and use of the car safety seat. The loan program makes special car safety seats and harness systems available for a trial period for examination in advance of purchasing or for the duration of a temporary disability (e.g. in casts, post- surgery). There is no other center in Israel providing this service for children with special needs at this time.


Multidisciplinary Clinic for Infants with Feeding Problems

ALYN Hospital has pioneered a unique holistic approach whereby a multidisciplinary team observes the child being fed by a parent.  A one way window provides a view of the process without disturbing the child and the parent receives instructions and advice from the team via an intercom.  The team consists of a physician, a speech therapist, a social worker, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a dietician and a psychologist.  This innovative system affords the team the opportunity to establish a diagnosis while providing the parent with immediate feedback, and recommendations for further management. Similar clinics have now been opened throughout Israel, and the ALYN team specializes in the specific treatment of children with special needs and particularly the weaning of children who are dependent on feeding tubes.


The Legacy Heritage Fund  Independent Living Neighborhood for ALYN’s Young Adults

A 14,500 square feet area of ALYN Hospital has been converted into the unique INDEPENDENT LIVING “NEIGHBORHOOD” FOR ALYN’S ADOLESCENTS AND YOUNG ADULTS.  Five specially designed and adapted apartments serve respirator dependent patients and five units temporarily serve long term hospitalized non-respirated patients as a “half-way house” before leaving ALYN to live in the community. These are divided by a “Main Street” running through the neighborhood.  The “Main Street” is a communal meeting area and dining area for all the residents of the unit and a clubroom, sundeck and patio provide a pleasant and relaxing ambience for both individual and communal activities. 


ALYN Hospital’s Skill Building Center

is a multidisciplinary therapy, guidance and enrichment center for children and adolescents with minimal motor and/or cognitive disabilities.

Normal, healthy children and adolescents may have to cope with any one of   a vast range of minor deficits. However, should these deficits not be addressed, they can seriously impair normal development and directly affect the child’s ability to fulfill his or her maximum potential. The goal of this center is to furnish a holistic multidisciplinary approach to therapy for minimal disorders, thereby ensuring comprehensive care for patients and positive reinforcement and guidance for parents and siblings.


Minor Head Injury Clinic

During the first few weeks following minor head injuries patients can develop typical symptoms that may include fatigue, headaches, sleep disturbances, dizzy spells, excessive nervousness, anxiety, mood swings, personality changes and apathy. In the majority of cases these symptoms disappear within a three-month period.  However, in about one third of these children symptoms of Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS) will be manifested. Should such symptoms become chronic, the patient is in danger of developing permanent functional, educational and sociological deficiencies. In Israel there are a number of centers providing ongoing treatment for serious head injury cases but no other recognized facility provides a comprehensive treatment program for the specific problems exhibited by children as a result of minor brain injuries. The personnel staffing the ALYN Hospital Head Injury Clinic are ideally suited to meet the needs of this particular patient group.


MASLUL: ALYN’s  Dyna and Fala Weinstock Therapeutic Sports Center for children, teens and young adults with special needs

This Center is unique in that it is the only sports center in Jerusalem established for children, teens and young adults who need to improve their physical and cognitive abilities in a safe and modified environment. At MASLUL they get a fair chance at playing sports whilst not having to compete against typically developing children.

MASLUL offers a wide variety of therapeutic sports activities which include:

  • exercising in a gym equipped with specialized children's equipment including exergaming
  • climbing walls
  • soccer practice for kids with coordination disorders
  • therapeutic swimming classes for children with special needs (blind, cerebral palsy etc.)
  • therapeutic martial arts
  • Sports club for teens and young adults who have Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries or severe communication problems (including mental retardation).
  • Special parent – child exercise classes

All activities, under the instruction of professionals trained in the use of sports as a therapeutic tool. The purpose of these therapeutic sports classes is to help these children make gains in the therapeutic goals while enjoying regular physical activities. Over 350 children enjoy our program on a weekly basis.

Prenatal Consultation Clinic for parents expecting a special needs child

ALYN Hospital has recently initiated a Prenatal Rehabilitative Consultation service for parents of a fetus at risk as a result of a congenital disorder.

This innovative consultation service aims to provide support for parents who have been told that their baby will be born with a congenital condition and who are obviously deeply concerned about the implications and the prognosis for their unborn infant.  Parents will be able to receive information and guidance during a private consultation with an ALYN team of specialists which will include a pediatrician, a social worker and a religious mentor i.e. a rabbi or other religious leader.


Powered Wheelchair Loan Center

The purpose of this project is to loan a child a powered wheelchair so that they can practice at home, ALYN then evaluates their motor and cognitive abilities and they receive training and practice ("driving lessons") sessions as needed.  They are then referred to the Ministry of Health for approval of funding for such a wheelchair.  


The First ALYN Conference on Pediatric Rehabilitation

titled: "FROM INTENSIVE CARE BACK INTO THE COMMUNITY – CONTINUOUS THERAPY FROM DEPENDENCE TO INDEPENDENCE" will take place on 11th and 12th September 2012. It is the first conference of its kind to take place in Israel! Guest speakers will include Prof. Gary Bedell of TUFTS University, Boston and Prof. Lawrence Vogel of Shriners Children's Hospital, Chicago.                                                                      

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