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Volunteer's day

30 December, 2014

One must do for others and not turn a blind eye; if you see a fire, you must try to put it out; if you do not possess a bucket for the water, you can use a glass; if you do not have a glass, you can use a tablespoon, if you do not have a  tablespoon then you can use a teaspoon. "- Amos Oz

Dear Volunteers,

Each one of you has chosen to spend your time and your energy to become a part of the ALYN Family. You have chosen to stand with us – the ALYN team - to contribute, each according to his ability and energy, to improve the lives of our children who are dealing with complex problems. You have chosen to help the families through difficult moments, to warm the hearts of patients during moments of crisis, to contribute your knowledge and experience "behind the scenes" – everyone according to what is in their power to "give". Amongst you, our dear volunteers, are those who assist in the running of the Hospital, searching for technical solutions or working in the administration. Others work in looking after and caring for our children and help in the general process of rehabilitation in order to improve the lives of our young patients.   

Thanks to you we can provide an even better standard of care for our children. 

Every day we learn from you the true meaning of giving, of commitment and of dedication.

On this International Volunteers Day, on behalf of the ALYN staff and the children in our care I want to sincerely thank each one of you.



Dr. Maurit Beeri

Director General

ALYN Hospital