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The Children of ALYN Paint the Future

26 February, 2013

Environmental and community art are well known around the world. Now, they are also known in Israel. Award winning artist, Max Levi Frieder from Colorado, arrived at Israel as part of a unique project he’s leading around the world: painting a mural together with the children of ALYN, which expresses the future from their point of view.

Max Levi Frieder graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in painting, 2012. He also studied at the Aukland University Faculty of Arts, New Zealand.

With this unique activity, Levi Frieder brings large groups of people together, to collaborate on a mural which is usually very large in size. Due to the one-of-a-kind life experience of the children of ALYN and the joyful atmosphere in the premise (despite the everyday hardships) the artist chose ALYN as his next location for the project. ALYN represents true collaboration between Jews, Arabs and Christians, something which is also manifested in its spirit – independence and faith in the strength of people.

During the event the children first drew on small pieces of paper, which were then joined together by the artist to create one big creation on a large canvas (10m X 2.1m) which will remain at the hospital and will be displayed at the entrance floor.

Noam, who is hospitalized at the rehabilitation department, described the event: “We painted the wall with colors... there was a new feeling, like I could do things I never thought of before. We went over the drawings again in black, the painting was beautiful, I didn’t think it would be so great. I spoke to Max and he gave me a small drawing of an elephant he’s taken around the world with him. I wanted to thank him for showing us these drawings.”

Yosef from the respiratory department said: “we painted with colors; I painted a cloud and wrote my name in Arabic, English and Hebrew. I learned that you need patience to achieve what you want. At the end, the mural was amazing and worth the time and effort.”

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