Meet Some of the Children of ALYN Hospital

Recovering from burns in the aftermath of an electrical fire

Yehudah, just two years old, wears pressure garments on his head, face and arms as part of his rehabilitation process. Pressure garments help to reduce disfigurement caused from scarring as a result of severe burns. The therapist sitting to his right is using a brightly colored toy to help encourage
30 July, 2017

The scenario is terrifying: parents wake in the middle of the night to the scent of smoke and the screams of their toddler who, until that moment, had been sleeping soundly in the crib nearby. Leaping out of bed, they envelope him in blankets to smother the flames and rush him to the emergency room. The culprit: an electrical fault that caused an appliance to overheat and explode next to the crib.

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