Meet Some of the Children of ALYN Hospital

For children with Ollier disease, play is therapy!

30 July, 2017

In babies, toddlers and young children with Ollier disease, orthopedic surgery aims to help correct the abnormal growths in the bones. However, without a program of physical therapy, the likelihood that the child will be able to walk with a normal gait is limited. Unfortunately, young children often find splints and braces uncomfortable, and since they sometimes lack the ability to understand their purpose, therapists need to be patient and creative in ensuring that the treatment works.

The challenge for physical therapists is to find creative ways of engaging children who have had orthopedic surgeries to be active participants in their rehabilitation, and the physical therapy department at ALYN Hospital has decades of experience in doing just that. In fact, one walking around the hospital seeing children throwing balls, playing board games, gardening, swimming, climbing walls and having an all-around great time might confuse ALYN Hospital with an amusement park for kids with disabilities!

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