Meet Some of the Children of ALYN Hospital

Therapeutic Hiking is Good for Body and Soul

30 July, 2017

Eden, who was severely injured in a terrorist attack on a bus in April of 2016, is one of a small group of young people with physical challenges due to burns, cerebral palsy, disorders of the nervous system, spina bifida, paraparesis and multiple fractures from a road accident who took part in our Therapeutic Hiking Group this past spring and summer.

The aim of the project was to give the teens the opportunity to face challenges encountered when hiking - such as boulders and steep inclines - with the goal of developing their ability to foresee a challenge, plan a strategy to overcome it, implement the strategy and experience the satisfaction of having succeeded. In this way, the Therapeutic Hiking Group has instilled in the youths both the practical skills and the confidence they need in order to tackle many obstacles that they may encounter in their lives.

It has also given them an additional feeling of "normalcy" being able to participate in hiking - one of the most popular pastimes in Israel enjoyed by so many of their peers.

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