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Aviel's Victory Run

13 March, 2019

This article has been translated to English by ALYN Hospital staff. The original article, written by Lior El Hai, appeared in Yediot Ahronoth on 13 March 2019. Photo credit: Alex Kolomoisky. Click to read the original article in Yediot Aharonot (Hebrew).

Three years ago, Aviel Avrahamoff (9) from Jerusalem was run over during a family outing, and the doctors considered amputating his leg. The boy overcame the condition, grew stronger and during the long rehabilitation, even began to practise running - proving that anything was possible. Tomorrow he will participate in the 5K of the Jerusalem marathon.

When you are determined, dedicated and believe in your abilities - nothing can stop you. Aviel Abrahamoff (9) from Jerusalem proves it. Tomorrow, three years after his leg was nearly amputated due to an accident, he will participate in the Jerusalem marathon in the 5K.

The accident happened in Haifa during a fun day which he spent with his family when he was six years old. A driver who accidentally accelerated instead of braking, slid into a field near the road where Aviel was walking with his family and hit him. Aviel was seriously injured. He was transferred to Rambam Medical Center and was rushed into the operating room. "The doctor told me that the situation was complicated, and it could be possible that in the middle of the operation he would ask me to sign an agreement to amputate Aviel’s entire leg. It was shocking to me that Aviel could return home with only one leg," recalls Aviel’s mother, Vered.

Fortunately, the operation was successful. From that point on, Aviel began a long and difficult rehabilitation process at ALYN Hospital, in his home town of Jerusalem, which is a facility designed for rehabilitation especially for children and youth. In the beginning, Aviel couldn’t even stand on the injured leg and found it difficult to move it. Thanks to the intensive and devoted care of the team, slowly but surely he made progress. He was eventually able to stand on both legs and even joined the running group of hospitalized children.

Nurit Stern, a senior physiotherapist at ALYN Hospital, said: "We are not satisfied with the fact that the children will only learn to walk again, therefore we are instilling in them the value of sport, training and overcoming difficulties."

At the end of the rehabilitation period, Aviel returned home, but continued to train with the running team. Tomorrow, about three years after he almost lost his leg, he will run with his teammates the 5K in the Jerusalem marathon to be held in the city.

Aviel told Yedioth Ahronoth yesterday: "After the accident, I didn't think that I could run again. I am excited about the race and expect to finish the run in less than 40 minutes."

His father Eitan will run alongside him. Yesterday he said excitedly: "When we cross the finish line, it will be a great victory for Aviel."

His mother Vered summarizes: "Hats off to the staff of ALYN Hospital! When we arrived there we did not know in what condition we would leave. They helped Aviel undergo rehabilitation thoroughly and professionally. Aviel used to run before the injury, and now he has managed to return to his favourite sport."

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