Meet Some of the Children of ALYN Hospital

Meet Some of the Children of ALYN Hospital

Your donations make a difference in the lives of hundreds of children with physical challenges who undergo rehabilitation at ALYN Hospital each day.

Harel's Journey

9 January, 2023
Art, running, Spiderman and playing with friends are highlights of Harel’s life just like any child. Thanks to ALYN Hospital, Harel is enjoying these things. In an unexpected turn of events near the end of an otherwise normal pregnancy, Harel was born with a bacterial infection that would eventually inhibit his growth and require him to undergo a series of surgeries to enable him to walk.

Baby Ron

16 August, 2022
ALYN Hospital’s innovative and best-in-class rehabilitation protocols advance the science of rehabilitating children worldwide who have disabilities, whether their conditions are common or, as in Ron’s case, highly unique.

A year after a national tragedy, hope for an ALYN child

17 May, 2022
Elazar arrived at ALYN’s Respiratory Rehabilitation Department, facing many physical challenges to overcome. While he was receiving treatment at ALYN, his parents were provided with support to prepare for his eventual return home.

Home in time for Pesach!

14 April, 2022
At the age of five months, in April 2021, Leonard Ariel underwent tracheal surgery at the Wolfson Medical Center. Two months later, the family met Dr. Eliezer Be’eri, Director of the Respiratory Rehabilitation Department at ALYN Hospital and Leonard Ariel began treatment at ALYN in November 2021.

A Mother's Thanks

6 September, 2021
Raizy Wachsman wrote two whole pages of thanks to the staff at ALYN Hospital after her son, Yitzhak, had been referred to ALYN for rehabilitation in the fall of 2020 after being hit by a car while crossing a busy road. Yitzhak had sustained multiple injuries, including a rib fracture and a severe fracture in his femur. His leg had to be stabilized with metal rods into the bone from both sides of his knee to the pelvis. While his rehabilitation process originally began at the local Kupat Cholim, Yitzhak was soon after referred to ALYN. “From our first meeting at ALYN with Dr. Michal, we immediately felt assured that Yitzi’s case would really be taken to heart!” said Raizy.

After many months of slow progress, after Purim, Yitzhak had surgery to remove the rods and he is now slowly regaining movement and independence.

Meet Shira

16 November, 2020
Shira was seriously injured in a car accident. She arrived at ALYN on a respirator and in a coma. Even veteran ALYN staff, who had seen miraculous recoveries against all odds, had a bad feeling that this time the cruel reality was that this young girl would never come out of the coma and would remain in nursing care for good.

With the help of her family, music, and the team at ALYN Hospital, Shira is now singing a new tune!

A boy, a bike ride, and beshert!

20 October, 2020
Sometimes, events in our life are touched by “beshert” – the notion that some things are predestined or meant to be. When Hovav Landau started doing the Wheels of Love ride for ALYN Hospital in 2005, he would have never imagined that someday it would be his own child who would benefit from ALYN’s excellence in pediatric rehabilitation Combining bike riding with the mitzvah of tzedakah is something he looks forward to year after year. So, without thinking twice, he contacted Dr. Maurit Beeri, Director General of ALYN Hospital, and asked if Meori could be admitted there for the duration of his rehabilitation process, to which Dr. Beeri agreed. In Hovav’s words: “To us, it was clear we were going home.”

Gharam's VR Success

8 September, 2020
Gharam, a 14-year-old from Jerusalem, has a simple wish: to be able to walk normally and go out with her friends, like she used to before she was badly injured in a car accident.

Shimon's Journey to Recovery

6 April, 2020
Shimon is almost 12 years old and is a triplet! He was born healthy and remained healthy until he started having back pains earlier this year. After going to the doctor and having a number of tests including an MRI, the doctors discovered that he had a malformation of the blood vessels leading to his spinal cord. Due to complications of the surgery, he was left paralyzed from the waist down (paraplegic).

Yusef's miraculous journey to rehabilitation

18 April, 2019
He fell into a five-story lift shaft and had a big fracture in his skull. Last week, after a complicated operation and a long rehabilitation, Yusef Jardat was released from the hospital and spoke for the first time to the press: "They saved me and now things are much better." And also: his father talks about the fears, his son's fear of entering a lift alone, and the difficult months the family went through: "Four months that looked like ten years."

This article has been translated to English by ALYN Hospital staff. The original article, written by Dana Ben Shimon, appeared on mynetjerusalem on 18 April 2019. Photo credit: Yoav Dodkevich.

Aviel's Victory Run

13 March, 2019
Three years ago, Aviel Avrahamoff (9) from Jerusalem was run over during a family outing, and the doctors considered amputating his leg. The boy overcame the condition, grew stronger and during the long rehabilitation, even began to practise running - proving that anything was possible. Tomorrow he will participate in the 5K of the Jerusalem marathon.

This article has been translated to English by ALYN Hospital staff. The original article, written by Lior El Hai, appeared in Yediot Ahronoth on 13 March 2019. Photo credit: Alex Kolomoisky.

Therapeutic Hiking is Good for Body and Soul

30 July, 2017
Terror victim with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other teens with disabilities learn to cope with their challenges through therapeutic hiking.
Ro'i and his mother play a card game while the ALYN Hospital physiotherapist corrects his stance and supports his ability to maintain his balance.

Coping with cancer and the side effects of treatment

30 July, 2017
Early intervention using active rehabilitation helps children stay strong while battling cancer.

For children with Ollier disease, play is therapy!

30 July, 2017
The skeletal disorder causes growths of cartilage to develop within the bones of babies and young children, and is most commonly treated with surgery and therapy.
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