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Meet a Volunteer - Ilana Ella

28 December, 2014

On the occasion of the annual International Volunteer day, we bring you Ilana Ella's story who has been volunteering 5 years in the Alyn's Bio Mechanical laboratory. Ilana is one of 80 volunteers who donate their time and energy for the children at Alyn hospital.

Ilana was the first girl who learned fine mechanics and electronics at the professional high school "Ort Nevi'im" in Jerusalem, and her photograph by the lathe appeared then in the newspapers. Today you can find her once again  by the lathe in the Bio Mechanical laboratory of Alyn. She is drilling, sanding, cutting, sewing and building equipment for the children. Her work is to prepare special equipment for the children, including head rests, side supports, corsets and many other things.

Ilana (63 years old) is a mother of three children and grandmother of 13. She has worked at the Israel Aerospace Industries and at the Hebrew University. She retired in 2007. "I felt I needed a target so I registered for a course of positive thinking in Judaism. In the course I  decided to choose a vocation for myself".

And the vocation arrived one day through a pamphlet sent by the post. "I saw an ad where it said that Alyn hospital is looking for volunteers. I applied to the volunteer coordinator and she asked me about my qualifications. I told her about my technical skills and a few days later I started volunteering in the Bio Mechanical laboratory with Ohad Ge'al Dor".

Ilana arrives once a week to the laboratory where professional and unique work waits for her. Ohad Ge'al Dor, the laboratory director tells us about five volunteers who work in the laboratory and each one of them has a specific expertise. Together they work for the sake of the Alyn's children. "Ilana brought with her a lot of love and devotion, and of course professional knowledge and wonderful hands. Every week I leave her a list of assignments and I know that at the end of the day I will get perfect results!

"It was probably meant  from  above that I came to volunteer here" Ilana says. "Six months after I started volunteering in Alyn Hospital my younger daughter gave birth prematurely. Her baby suffered from seizures and a year after she was diagnosed with a rare syndrome called CDKL5 that only 20 children in Israel have. She smiles but doesn't talk and has delayed development. I feel  I arrived to Alyn so I could deal better with the treatment of my granddaughter".

According to Dr. Maurit Beeri, Alyn's General Director, "thanks to our volunteers we can give the children a better, richer, and devoted treatment. We learn from you the meaning of true giving, of commitments and of devotion. On this annual international volunteer day I would like to thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart, in the name of the staff and all the children".