Maslul Staff

Maslul Staff

Uri Lahav- Goldshmid

Director of Maslul ALYN Hospital's Dyna and Fala Weinstock Therapeutic Sports Center and therapeutic judo instructor.

Uri received his M.A. in occupational therapy from New York University. He is a certified judo instructor with over 15 years of experience in using judo as a therapeutic tool for teaching both healthy children and for children suffering from developmental disabilities, cognitive and physical challenges and autism.

Uri has studied judo in Israel, the United States and Japan and he is both a coach and a therapist in this field.  In addition he runs self-defense workshops for women.

Uri combines humor, patience and sensitivity with professionalism and authority to create a unique atmosphere in these special Maslul classes.  The children enjoy the classes and leave Maslul feeling good! Through these sports activities the children often succeed in overcoming difficulties relating to functional motor skills, coordination problems, endurance, concentration and social skills.

Uri is the father of 3 children.


Inbal Ozeri  

Inbal received her M.A. in Public Health and her B.A. in Physical Education from the Zinman College, Wingate Institute where she majored in physical education ( swimming, gym and hydrotherapy) in special-ed and in the rehabilitation of children with special needs.

For the last 4 years she has coordinated the club for special needs children in Maslul and within the framework of the Sports Center Inbal also instructs students who are doing their internship in therapeutic sports therapy.

Inbal believes that physical activity should play a very important role in every child's life style and that by integrating sport into their daily routine, the child's functional motor skills, social skills and self-confidence can all be improved.

Inbal is the mother of a 1 year old baby girl.


Liron Shimron

Liron majored in therapeutic sport and received her B.A. in physical education from the Wingate Institute. She is a qualified children's instructor for swimming, hydrotherapy and gym and she has many years of teaching experience.  Her classes focus on integrating enjoyable physical activities into a healthy life style. Liron teaches swimming and gives hydrotherapy treatments to special needs children who participate in the Club activities.

Liron is the mother of 3 children.


Yehudit Rabinowitz

Yehudit has a diploma from the Wingate Institute and has been an instructor in Maslul for the last 3 years where she has had great success in instructing the therapeutic sports classes.

She is the mother of 2 children.


Eli Warner

Eli received his B.A. in physical education from the Wingate Institute where he majored in physical education for individuals with special needs. In the past few years he has taught in various institutions including the Wingate institute and special education schools in Jerusalem where he gained a lot of experience. This is Eli's second year working with groups of special needs children in Maslul's  gym which is equipped with work-out equipment especially designed for use by children.  


Yohana Sadeh

Yohana has a B.A. degree in physical education.  She is an experienced and certified teacher of special needs children having completed her internship here at ALYN Hospital. Yohana was one of Maslul's first gym instructors and in addition she works as a hydrotherapist and swimming instructor. Yohana is the mother of 2 children.


Adina Clil Hachoresh

Adina is a gym and swimming instructor and has a lot of experience working with children who have mild to moderate physical challenges. She is the mother of 1 child.


Ricky Queen

Ricky is a certified gym instructor for children with special needs and is also a certified karate instructor from the Wingate Institute. She is a holistic therapist and runs a private clinic.


Bracha Kortz

Bracha is a children's gym instructor certified by the Wingate Institute. This is her second year working as an instructor in Maslul's gym. She is the mother of 3 children.


Moshe Shacham

Moshe is an experienced hydrotherapist and swimming instructor and he works with children who have developmental difficulties and physical challenges.    


Itai Liptz

Itai is a professional climbing and gym instructor certified by the Wingate Institute. He is also a professional martial arts instructor and has a unique approach when teaching children and teenagers. Itai is experienced in working with adults and children who have cognitive challenges and difficulties with their social skills.


Ella Rozenthal

Ella graduated from Tel Aviv University with a degree in physiotherapy. She is experienced in the field of artistic gymnastics.


Shira Sharvit

Shira is a third year occupational therapy student at the Kiryat Ono Academic College. She is certified by the Wingate Institute to work as an aerobics and body design instructor.


Dikla Wasserman 

Dikla is a hydrotherapist certified by the Wingate Institute and a swimming instructor. She has a B.A. from the University of Ariel.

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