Letter from Director General

Letter from Director General

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to share with you these latest updates from ALYN Hospital.

ALYN is an innovative, world-renowned pediatric rehabilitation facility, with over 80 years of professional experience in caring for children facing a wide range of physical challenges.

What drives us is our vision of excellence without compromise, professionalism, the ongoing search for cutting-edge knowledge in the field of pediatric rehabilitation, combining understanding with empathy and extending a helping hand to the many families facing the numerous difficulties involved in coping with and bringing up a child with special needs.

Our inspiration comes from the belief that every child has the right to realize their potential.  Children have an amazing ability to face and overcome difficulties and challenges, to learn and to use technological know-how, to find solutions that help them to function in society and to be the best they can be.

Our role at ALYN is to safeguard the health of every child, to identify problems, find solutions, and after a professional evaluation, to provide personalized rehabilitation programs so that every child in our care can reach their full potential.

Whether your child suffers from a developmental delay which affects them on a daily basis, or whether your child suffers from a severe physical challenge and therefore requires  specialized care 24 hours a day, at ALYN you will always find someone who is ready to listen to you and discuss the problem with you.

Whether you are a doctor, a paramedical therapist or a parent of a special needs child, or whether your life has been changed by an accident or illness, at ALYN you will find the highest quality and most comprehensive range of rehabilitation services.

Our finest ambassadors are the thousands of children who have passed through ALYN. 

 Maurit Beeri


ALYN Hospital




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