Innovation Space

Innovation Space

ALYN Hospital, Israel’s only pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation facility, is creating a brand new Innovation Space in Jerusalem, in partnership with the National Insurance Social Funds, the Jerusalem Development Authority, and the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage.

The newly renovated, 500 square meter (5,400 sq ft) Innovation Space at ALYN is a one-stop shop for Assistive Technology entrepreneurship and brings together, for the first time under one roof, all of the elements required for innovation in this field: a physical work space with a state-of-the-art laboratory for prototyping and initial manufacturing, access to Israel's leading experts in pediatric rehabilitation, partnership surrounding clinical trials, and the opportunity for product testing with target audiences by interacting with the children at ALYN in a controlled and safe environment.

The Innovation Space team will work with children who need personalized solutions and with entrepreneurs and inventors involved in assistive innovation that can benefit a global audience.

The team will develop innovative technological solutions through two different tracks:



PELE* is case-driven and focuses on finding personalized solutions for children who face physical challenges to act independently in their day-to-day activities - such as eating, dressing, maintaining personal hygiene, communicating, studying and being mobile. PELE provides consulting services, guidance, and the design and manufacturing of assistive technologies by volunteer “makers” to produce adaptable, adjustable, accessible and affordable innovative assistive technology solutions.

*PELE is the transliteration of the Hebrew acronym פל"א which stands for פתרונות לילדים אלי"ן or Solutions for Children ALYN. The word "פלא" means “a wonder.”



ALYNnovation is geared toward entrepreneurs and inventors who are developing assistive technology products and solutions for children on a global scale. Their products and solutions are aimed at the international market. ALYNnovation works with entrepreneurs and rehabilitation specialists to identify and develop innovation which has the potential to empower children with special needs throughout the world, increasing their independence and participation in society. It will then commercialize and bring these products to market, leveraging its powerful global network.


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