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Excellence in Pediatric Rehabilitation

18 March, 2013

We are proud to inform you that ALYN Hospital has been granted the "Non-profit  Organization Award of Excellence" from the Midot organization.

Midot carries out in depth research into non-profit organizations in accordance with numerous criteria and only a few such organizations receive this recognition.

Receiving this award for excellence reflects an objective picture of excellence in management and the effective utilization of the donations which we receive for the benefit of the children who are being rehabilitated in ALYN Hospital.

When informing the Hospital staff with great pride of the news of this award,  Dr. Maurit Beeri, Director General of ALYN Hospital, paid tribute "to the added value which each and every staff member contributes to this excellence" and added, " It is my fervent wish that we will continue to work in a professional manner, with dedication and perseverance for the benefit of the children of ALYN Hospital, for their families and for society as a whole. "

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