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Elections at Shahar: A home for the family

27 January, 2013

The Israeli elections have brought up many topics of discussion, but what really matters to the children of Shahar Day Care at ALYN? We decided to find out, by holding an election of our own.

The children were divided into parties and each party presented its platform. Among the various platforms could be found suggestions for longer vacations for students, better education, a personal computer for every child as well as a television in every corner, food for everyone and a home for the family – meaning, all family members living together under one roof. The original number of parties was quite large, and just like in real politics – soon connections and deals were made.

Dr. Maurit Beeri, Director General of ALYN hospital said that the suggested platforms reflected many of the matters close to the children’s hearts: “We see great correlation between the child’s medical condition and his or her choice. For example, children fed by feeding tubes started the “Food for All” party, while children living away from home demanded all family members lived together.

68 staff members and children voted, and eventually elected “A Home for the Family”, which got 28 votes.

Irena Manelis, Director of Educational Department, said “During November-January, we focused on the subject of the Israeli elections, learned about rights and laws, democracy and the Knesset, as part of our desire to expose the children to a burning topic in the country.”